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John Higgins’ RAZORJACK! The Ultimate Edition, this September.


razorjackTitan Books is releasing an ultimate edition of John Higgins’ RAZORJACK this September.  It includes remastered and restored art, all-new dialogue, and two brand new short stories: Deadfall, and A Glimpse of  Summer.

Not having read the book when it was first published back in the late ’90s/early ’00s, I was unfamiliar with the storyline, but a glance at some of the art interested me.

John Higgins was the colorist on Watchmen and Batman: Killing Joke, but Razorjack is his baby: he’s the creator, writer, penciller, and colorist. Mike Carroll has scripting duties on the remastered text and the two added stories.

To be honest – if you are coming to this book cold, as I did, there is a big chance of being confused. It seems there are three different stories happening, and they’re never really linked together – it just kind of becomes one story down the road. While I’m not a reader that wants a map drawn for me, this jarred me to the point that I had to go back and restart the book twice to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. There was no thread keeping these three stories together; I could have been reading three different books at first.

Two cops are chasing a serial killer. At the same time, a group of college kids accidentally open a portal to another universe – The Twist – where an evil being – a Death Bitch, if we’re being specific here – called the Razorjack lives, and she’s all too happy to come strolling into our world and start spilling blood here. The two cops – Frame and Ross – have to stop her.

Even when it finally did come together, I just didn’t love it. It definitely became more interesting once the pieces of the story started fitting together, but it wasn’t my type of story. That’s not to say it’s not your type of story – there’s some interesting dialogue and a subplot that I’d liked to have seen fleshed out a bit more.

I really liked the 8-page short story, A Glimpse of Summer. It takes place in feudal Japan and involves a warrior’s battle with Razorjack. Everything about that story worked – the subdued art, the quiet narrative storytelling, and the relentless pursuit, and the ending that leaves you with that great feeling you get when the author gives you a nudge and a wink at the end of a good story.

The ultimate edition also includes a gallery with more concept and finished art for Higgins fans. Razorjack’s Ultimate Edition hits stores on September 18th.

Enjoy some art and a trailer for Razorjack:

razorjack 1  razorjack 2
razorjack 3  razorjack 4

Razorjack Ultimate Edition
Writer: John Higgins/Mike Carroll
Artist: John Higgins
Genre: Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Page Count: 104pp
Publication Date: September 18, 2013
Price: $19.99
Diamond ID: JUN131286
ISBN: 9781781164709

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