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Joe Kelly and Max Fiumara Launch “Four Eyes” This January!


This past year at ReedPop’s Special Edition: NYC, I had the opportunity to speak with writer/creator Joe Kelly.  He’s known for modern classics such as “I Kill Giants”, which EIC Chuck listed in his “Five Great Graphic Novels That Should Be On Your Shelf.”  Since we spoke about everything from his work on Superman to the upcoming relaunch of Mega Man, I’ve been paying more attention to his upcoming work.  “Four Eyes” by Joe Kelly and Max Fiumara present a story about a young boy in an alternate 1930’s New York who lives in a world filled with “underground fighting, gangsters, and monsters.”  At the close of the last story arc, the young boy named Enrico brings home a baby dragon.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of fantasy, but I’ve always enjoyed stories with dragons and alternate worlds.  The work Joe Kelly and Max Fiumara have done on “Four Eyes” is nothing short of impressive.  If you haven’t been reading “Four Eyes”, now is the perfect time to get lost in a new world of adventure, peril, and fantasy.  Especially since “Four Eyes: Hearts of Fire” issue 1 releases Wednesday, January 6th.

If you’re interested in reading my conversation with Joe Kelly of Man of Action ENT., check it out at the following link here.  And, if you’re interested in picking up “Four Eyes: Hearts on Fire”, you could find a local comic shop by visiting the following link here.


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Writer Joe Kelly (I KILL GIANTS, BAD DOG) and artist Max Fiumara will launch a new story arc in their genre-splicing series FOUR EYES from Man of Action this January.

Previously in FOUR EYES, readers met Enrico, a young boy in an alternate 1930’s New York. The untimely passing of his father left him the man of the house, a duty he took quite seriously—seriously enough to step into his father’s shoes as a dragon hunter. But though he tried to be a killer, he ended up bringing home a baby dragon.

In FOUR EYES: HEARTS OF FIRE #1, the training begins.

“Now that we’ve set up the players, Max and I really get to dive into the universe and the characters,” said Kelly. “In the first story arc, we fell in love with Enrico and the gothic world he’s inhabiting. In Hearts of Fire, we start to see just what effect this world of underground fighting, gangsters, and monsters has on a young boy. This is the beginning of a dark ride for Enrico, Four Eyes and Fawkes…my favorite kind.”

“The world of dragon fighting will be central, and it’s going to hit Enrico really hard,” added Fiumara. “I can’t wait to see readers’ hearts broken again!”

FOUR EYES: HEARTS OF FIRE #1 (Diamond code: NOV150484) hits stores Wednesday, January 6th.

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