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Jim Zub to write Marvel’s New Thunderbolts Book!


As announced by Marvel on January 22nd  fan and What’cha Reading favorite Jim Zub will be handling the writing duties on Marvel’s new Thunderbolts comic! The book will begin after being introduced in the Avengers-centric event Standoff  in March of 2016.

The artist on the book Jon Malin’s work can be seen in Deadpool & Cable and New Warriors. I’m not familiar with him but Zub calls Malin’s work “bursting with excitement and intensity” and that he has “solid panel-to-panel storytelling.” Tell you what, you give us a storyteller like Zub coupled with an artist that as talented he’s describing and I bet we have a hit on our hands.

On Jim’s blog (jimzub.com) he went on to say,

courtesy of marvel.com

courtesy of marvel.com

“The Thunderbolts have been around in a few different configurations since 1997, but if you’ve never read their adventures I’ll give you a quick overview: They’re a team of heroes who haven’t always been heroic. Many of them are actually villains in search of redemption and the tough choices they make will define their heroic or villainous legacy.

The new team, lead by the Winter Soldier, will be emerging out of an Avengers-centric event starting in April called Standoff. Reading Standoff will be a sweet introduction to the new Thunderbolts, but I’m also aiming to make the first issue of Thunderbolts very new reader friendly so you can get on board without needing an encyclopedic knowledge of the Marvel Universe. If you’ve been a longtime Marvel reader, you’ll find lots to enjoy here. If you only know the Winter Soldier from the Captain America movie, this will still be easy to dig into.”


Jon Malin was quoted on Marvel.com commenting on the heart of the book,

courtesy of marvel.com

courtesy of marvel.com

“Super villains looking for redemption I think is the ultimate strength and heart of Thunderbolts and sets it apart from everything out there,” argues Malin. “These characters have done very bad things—willingly. No one mind controlled them, they made choices of their own free will and that can never be fully taken back. That motivates me beyond belief to tell this story.”

“We all look for redemption in one form or another, this is universal and that’s the appeal,” he continues. “Also the lesson of be careful who you trust because when you need them the most they might not be the person you thought they were. They may, in fact, be the one putting the knife in your back, willingly and without hesitation.”

I’m not a huge event guy but I know I’ll be picking this one up, got to support the creators you enjoy!


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