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Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Vol. 2 trade is here!

Cover by Brian Froud

Cover by Brian Froud

I can’t begin to describe what a treat it is to have Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal in comic book form. For those of us that grew up with them they are touchstones of our childhood. The decision to tell this prequel using legendary illustrator/concept artist Brian Froud’s series concept, character designs, and covers and utilizing some amazing comic book talent for each volume was inspired. If you loved The Dark Crystal then you need to read the prequel. And come on, who didn’t love The Dark Crystal.

Now in paperback for the first time. The Great Conjunction is at hand in this dramatic second volume of a trilogy of prequel graphic novels that tell the origin of The Dark Crystal. Aughra, the beloved guardian of Thra, has gone into hiding, while her son, Raunip, leads a team of emissaries to the Crystal Castle. There they will bear witness as the visiting Urskeks attempt to use the Conjunction to power their voyage home. But pain and mistrust fostered by the group leads to events that will corrupt the world to its very core and transform the Urskeks into two distinct races: the gentle Urru and the terrifying Skeksis.

You can pick up Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Vol. 2 trade paperback from your local comic shop on Wednesday 4/16.

Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Vol. 2 TP
Publisher: BOOM! Studios/Archaia
Writer: Joshua Dysart
Artists: Alex Sheikman & Lizzy John

Here’s a (huge) preview

DarkCrystal_CreationMyths_v2_TP_PRESS-5 DarkCrystal_CreationMyths_v2_TP_PRESS-7 DarkCrystal_CreationMyths_v2_TP_PRESS-8

DarkCrystal_CreationMyths_v2_TP_PRESS-9 DarkCrystal_CreationMyths_v2_TP_PRESS-10 DarkCrystal_CreationMyths_v2_TP_PRESS-11

DarkCrystal_CreationMyths_v2_TP_PRESS-12 DarkCrystal_CreationMyths_v2_TP_PRESS-13 DarkCrystal_CreationMyths_v2_TP_PRESS-14

DarkCrystal_CreationMyths_v2_TP_PRESS-15 DarkCrystal_CreationMyths_v2_TP_PRESS-16

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