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Preview/Review Jim Henson’s Storyteller: The Witches #3 – Beautiful storytelling


Jim Henson’s Storyteller: The Witches series from BOOM! is just breathtaking. Julie and I came across issue #2 one night at Midtown Comics, and were blown away by the gorgeous cover. We each grabbed a copy, and asked for issue #1, on the spot. It just pulls you right in. The art is gorgeous – I would love a coffee table book of the art in this series so far – and the storytelling just weaves itself around you, wrapping you in a comfortable blanket of words. Just like hearing fairy tales before bed as a child.

Preview/Review Jim Henson's Storyteller: The Witches #3 - Beautiful storytelling

Each issue is a standalone, really – the stories are all strung together by the Storyteller, who makes his appearances leading into each story, narrating through the story, and closing it, but he’s never intrusive. Each story is a different tale, with a different magic weaver – yes, a witch – and a mortal who comes into contact with her. In Issue 3, we get a story about a storyteller – an exaggerator – whose imagination rejuvenates an entire isle.

There are gorgeous elements in the story that story lovers will recognize – the maiden, mother, crone; the magic isle – call it what you want, there are a few names you’ll recognize; parallel worlds where time passes so very differently. These familiar elements are a comfort, a comfortable foundation on which to build a new story.

This is an all-ages series. Parents, uncles, aunts, anyone with younger family members or friends under your charge – read these stories to the little ones in your life. Let them enjoy the same magic we grew up with. I can’t wait for the trade collections for this series to hit shelves, because I’m putting them on my library’s shelves. In the meantime, I’ll curl up with my floppy issues, a comfortable seat and a hot cup of coffee, and get lost in the stories. Enjoy a peek at issue #3 below:

StorytellerWitches03_PRESS-2 StorytellerWitches03_PRESS-3

StorytellerWitches03_PRESS-4 StorytellerWitches03_PRESS-5

StorytellerWitches03_PRESS-6 StorytellerWitches03_PRESS-7

Writer: Matthew Dow Smith
Artist: Matthew Dow Smith
Publisher: BOOM!/Archaia
Price: $3.99
On-Sale: 11/9/14
Diamond ID: SEP141154

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