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Jill Thompson’s Scary Godmother coming to a toy store near you?


Jill Thompson is a wearer of many hats. A comic book artist and storyteller, she’s probably best known for her work on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman as well as her own creations; Scary Godmother and Magic Trixie. Did you also know she designed “ring gear” for WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan? Check it out on his figure in Mattel’s new line!

So writer, artist, costume designer and now toy maker?


Yup that’s right Jill’s wonderful all-ages creation Scary Godmother is on its way to a collectable shop near you!

She’s spent countless hours working with a sculptor to get everything just right from her curly red hair to her pointy silver buckled shoes.

Removable outfits and hand painted tights are some of the touches Jill hopes to be able to include. Toy design is a huge undertaking but just like all the other things she does she tackles this with a passion rarely seen.

Hoping to get a better idea of the process she even designed her own box (not just the box art, the actual box), check out some of the detail (in the image below)


While we were talking at Toy Fair, Jill’s sculptor (who shall remain nameless for the moment) stopped by with a special treat…


That’s the sculpt of “The Boozle”, Scary Godmother’s ghost cat!


And Jill even let slip that she hopes to include Bug-A-Boo as a character/accessory (seen here in her booth banner).

So how does she expect to pull all this off? Let’s listen to her tell us all about her plans in this Toy Fair interview with AlternativeMindz’ very own Rob Base!

How can you find out more? Follow her on twitter @thejillthompson, check out Scary Godmother at her site jillthompsonart, and don’t forget to look for her work on amazon and at you local comic shops and book stores!

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