Jessica Jones is on the Case of the Devil in Hell's Kitchen ~ What'cha Reading?

Jessica Jones is on the Case of the Devil in Hell’s Kitchen


Jessica Jones is on the Case of the Devil in Hell's KitchenUnless you been living under a rock you know that Jessica Jones is the next miniseries coming from Marvel and Netflix’s partnership.  Jessica is a character created in 2001 for Marvel’s Max line of books. She was a bit darker and edgier than her regular universe counterparts. She has since been folded into the greater Marvel Universe as Luke Cage’s wife and mother of his child.

Marvel and Netflix decided to tap Jessica’s creator, Brian Michael Bendis, to write a free comic to introduce Jessica to the Daredevil audience. It’s only 12 pages long and seems to be meant to serve as a bridge between the two shows.

As a long time Jessica fan I have a lot of emotions invested in this series. I’m scared and excited because she is an ideal character for a Netflix type show but I don’t want any of her sharp edges filed down. They are all a part of who she is. Judging by the comic they seem to be trying for a middle ground.

Jessica is on a case that involves a man who was beaten up and captured by the Devil in Hell’s Kitchen. This is the first Jessica has heard of the man we know as Daredevil and by the end of the issue she is clearly intrigued. Much of the issue are flashbacks showing the man’s confrontation with Daredevil. We are introduced to Jessica as she is being introduced to Daredevil.

comics-stumptownJessica reminds me more of Dax Parios of Greg Rucka’s Stumptown than her original comic incarnation. I’m ok with that. The characters are very much spiritual sisters and I’m a Stumptown fan so it’s a good place to land as far characterization go. They are both prickly, tough and both often end up taking the long, hard way around professionally and personally. Dex has it a bit more together than Jessica so I’m curious to see if that is the case with the show.

Certainly it’s hard to judge anything on a 12 page tie in freebie comic but this definitely has the tone and feel I want for the show. Reading Jessica Jones definitely makes me more hopeful that I am going to love the series, although in fairness Daredevil’s quality eased much of my fears.

I’m giving Jessica Jones #1 three out of five stars. It’s excellent for what it is, a light appetizer to prepare you for the main course.

And don’t forget Marvel’s Netflix series Jessica Jones will begin streaming next month…

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