Jalopnik Film Festival - Cars & the Men & Women Who Drive, Film, & Love Them ~ What'cha Reading?

Jalopnik Film Festival – Cars & the Men & Women Who Drive, Film, & Love Them


Jalopnik Film Festival - Cars & the Men & Women Who Drive, Film, & Love Them

For those that enjoy cars and film, there’s an upcoming film festival that may very well excite your interests.  The Jalopnik Film Festival, taking place over two days in New York City, will conclude it’s events on Thursday, November 6 at Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Jalopnik, an automobile enthusiast website, began it’s first film festival devoted to “nothing but cars and the men and women who drive, film, and love them” last year and finished with the Ron Howard film, “Rush”, starring Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth! While I can’t promise an appearance of the God of Thunder for the ladies and gentleman who may plan on attending this year’s Jalopnik Film Festival, I can promise that there will be plenty of cars, on screen and in person, to make James Bond jealous!

The 2014 Jalopnik Film Festival opens Wednesday, November 5 at the Classic Car Club of Manhattan and concludes Thursday, November 6 at Nitehawk Cinema.  Film screenings at 6 pm and 9 pm. 


The Jalopnik Film Festival, with Volvo as its premiere sponsor, will be bigger and better this year, as it is giving filmmakers the opportunity to submit their own films. This allows auto enthusiasts to not only partake in watching films at the festival but also to become a part of it themselves, which is vital to the preservation of car culture and car history.

One of the core brands in The Gawker Media Group, Jalopnik is one of the largest car enthusiast publications in the world with over eight million global uniques, covering everything from the latest automotive news to developments in aviation and military technology. This year’s film festival also rolls around at the same time as Jalopnik’s tenth anniversary.

Film Lineup:

AYRTON’S WISH by Tamir Moscivici (Spy Films)

A short film about the Senna foundation that shows the legacy of the deceased F1 driver’s generous contributions to the people of Brazil.

This will be the film’s world premiere.

APEX: THE STORY OF THE HYPERCAR by J.F. Musial (Tangent Vector

World premiere sneak preview of APEX: THE STORY OF THE HYPERCAR, the upcoming documentary about the world’s most extreme hypercars from Ferrari, Porsche, Pagani, Koenigsegg and more.

APEX: THE STORY OF THE HYPERCAR is the first documentary to be shot entirely in Sony 4K high definition. J.F. Musial also has a “Jury Selection” in the festival. Check out the trailer here.


Plus a selection of short films:

“Nagoya Streets” by Alexander Rosen

“One-Take Porsche Pit-Stop – /DRIVE MOMENT” by /DRIVE 

“Regular Car Reviews: 2005 BMW 330Ci” by Regular Cars

“Turbine Truck vs Turbine Chopper- Bonneville” by Ole Schell

“Driving this Ferrari GTO is a Certain Kind of Ecstasy” by Petrolicious

“FY RACING – Oregon Trail Rally 2014” by Alex Tabaczka

“Where They Raced: Speed Demons in the City of Angels” by Harry Palenberg


The street right outside of Nitehawk will display eleven rare, luxury cars throughout the evening


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