Review - Jack Hammer Book One: Political Science - Release Date June 2012 ~ What'cha Reading?

Review – Jack Hammer Book One: Political Science – Release Date June 2012


Written by Brandon Barrows
Art by Ionic
Letters by Brant Fowler


“Jack McGriskin is a private detective with a strong right arm and a penchant for sticking his nose into other people’s problems.
When a missing person he’s been hired to find turns up dead, he stumbles on a network of corruption stretching from the streets of Boston to the halls of Congress itself, and the trail takes him back into a world he left behind…
The independent comic series by the team of Brandon Barrows and Ionic receives its first ever completed collected edition, courtesy of Action Lab Entertainment.”

I received this a month or so ago and was really looking forward to it. The fact is this review is weeks later than I wanted it to be. But let’s face it 104 pages is a nice sized trade. Especially when it reads well and the art if worth looking at. Needless to say I’ve poured over this book for a while now but it’s about time I took a moment to tell you all how much I like it… and why.

Jack McGriskin was famous, or infamous is probably more appropriate. First a prize fighter and then a Super Hero. But now he’s a P.I. with a class four Superhuman Activities License and a case. A case with enough twists and turns to make Dashiell Hammett proud. Like any classic hard-boiled detective novel the case was a simple one, till the man Jack’s investigating turns up dead. But that’s not stopping Jack…

Politics, corruption, super heroes and Jack’s in the middle of it all. Will he figure out the who what and why of this case? Before they shut him down, permanently.

The graphic novel includes the original covers which I love. I don’t like when a trade ignores the old issue breaks, I think you need those beats to fully appreciate the story as it was written. As you can see from the panel and cover art Iconic has a really great style, totally suited to this type of book. If you’ve got a good funky jazz album to play in the background it really suits the mood. The hard nosed detective fiction genre is alive and well with a super hero twist. I hope we see further adventures of Jack Hammer and his crew, four issues just aren’t enough.

$14.95, Full Color, 104 page Tradepaperback. Signed, Numbered and Limited to 500 Copies. (Diamond Order Code APR120744)

For other ordering info please check out Brandon’s page here he recommends Discount Comic Book Service

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