J. Michael Straczynski is back with Protectors Inc. from Image: A Superhero Murder Mystery! ~ What'cha Reading?

J. Michael Straczynski is back with Protectors Inc. from Image: A Superhero Murder Mystery!


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What happens when superheroes become a corporate entity? We’ve seen one point of view in ComixTribe’s The Red Ten, but that’s only a background thread. J. Michael Straczynski takes a deeper look at the privatization of protection in his upcoming graphic novel, Protectors Inc., with art by Gordon Purcell. Check out what Image has to say:

In PROTECTORS, INC., a new Image Comics title from J. Michael Straczynski and Gordon Purcell, superheroes have been privatized and corporatized. With no supervillains to occupy their time, super-powered people ply their time as spokespersons and franchise their images for profit — with a cut going to their employer, Protectors, Inc., which has a corner on the superhero market in Chicago. They lead charmed lives until one of them is found murdered and the trail for the killer leads back to the Protectors.

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In June, this mystery will unfold in PROTECTORS, INC. VOLUME 1 by J. Michael Straczynski (TEN GRAND, SIDEKICK) and Gordon Purcell (Star Trek), a graphic novel collecting the first half of the latest Joe’s Comics series published by Image.

At the heart of the mystery is the origin of the Protectors’ powers. Endowed with super-human abilities during World War II, they are nevertheless ignorant of the source of their power.

“That there have never been any bad guys with powers seems to indicate that whatever entered the world that day during WW2 is being very selective in terms of who gets those abilities,” Straczynski explained in an interview at Newsarama. “The question, of course, is…is that true, or is it simply a cover for something else? Is there a conspiracy at the center of Protectors Inc. that has been there almost from day one? If so, they’ve been able to cover it up pretty well, and might be able to do so indefinitely…unless something goes terribly wrong.”

Standing in the way of Detective John Riley’s investigation of the murder is the very company the Protectors thought existed to safeguard their interests: Protectors, Inc. Detective Riley will have to delve deep and keep out of the crosshairs of one of the most powerful corporations in the country to discover the truth.

PROTECTORS, INC. VOLUME 1 merges the hope and exuberance of Golden Age superhero comics with the darker explorations of the genre in books like Watchmen. It will be in comic book stores on June 4 and bookstores on June 17 and is available for pre-order now.

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