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It’s Time To Give The Devil His Due! Daredevil issue 2 Review!



It’s time to give the devil his due.  In the premiere issue of Daredevil, we saw the masked vigilante rescue a boy named Billy Li after he was thrown into the river by thugs working for a man named Tenfingers.  Billy then meets with Matt Murdock to testify against the men who tried to kill him.  In this issue, we see Matt building a case against Tenfingers and his group of followers claiming his “church” is a front for organized crime and exploits immigrants coming to America.  He uses Billy as a witness, but things go very wrong.  It is now up to Daredevil and Blindspot to make things right.

DD2015002-int-LR2-1-7ba8fCharles Soule gives us another solid adventure from The Man Without Fear.  The way he parallels Matt and Tenfingers is great and builds the story going forward.  Tenfingers is shaping up to be an interesting villain for Daredevil.  Ron Garney’s art is my favorite part of the series.  The Sin City noir-style of cf the comic has been a favorite of mine and even added to my enjoyment of Daredevil’s new look – black-on-red.

The new Daredevil series is starting to grow on me more.  I enjoyed the first issue, see Steven and my take on it here, but couldn’t get used to the new set-up as I am so used to the classic Daredevil look and storyline.  As I read this issue, I have become more fond of Charles Soule and Ron Garney’s approach to style and story.  It’s easy to make comparisons to the Netflix series which I feel the new comic has drawn from.  They both share the same dark and gritty atmosphere which borrows heavily from the 80’s “visionary” run by Frank Miller.  Matt and Foggy have the same kind of relationship and characteristics as their Netflix counterparts which is fun seeing explored.  I have high hopes for this series and with Soule and Garney, it should enjoy a healthy run.  The devil has been paid in full!

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Writer:  Charles Soule

Artists:  Ron Garney and Matt Milla

28 pages

Rated T+


Daredevil issue 2 is available now and gets five stars!  To find a comic shop closest to you, please visit

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