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iNK’d IN Update!

I received an email detailing what’s been going on with the launch of iNK’d IN and I thought I’d share it with you all:

iNK'd IN Update! April 15th Progress Update:

Okay so we’re in a sort of Good News/ Bad News situation.
The GOOD news is that we could never have anticipated the sheer amount of responses and requests that we’ve received from the comic book community. I’m guessing this website is something we’ve all been dreaming about for a long time. 

The BAD news is that due to the overwhelming number of requests, we’re going to approach the beta launch more tactically, which will delay the previously planned May 1st launch date. We can’t guarantee that everyone will necessarily get a beta key, but we are going to do our best to try and accommodate as many of you as possible. Ideally I want to have every beta user signed up and digging in to the site by the end of the summer and by Fall (fingers crossed) we will be able to pull back the beta veil and iNK’d IN will be open to the public.

Beta keys will be divvied up in lots beginning in July.

Why July, you ask? Due to the massive volume of requests we’ve gotten, we’re already looking at a more robust architecture to handle the initial load. So back to the drawing board for a little while.

All in all, these are problems that I truly don’t mind having, so by all means- Keep spreading the word and sending people our way.

There you have it folks! 
As ever, you can stay up to date on site progress, contests and any relevant industry news that may pertain to us on Facebook and Twitter. In fact I can tell you there will be a pretty fun announcement within the next week, so if you haven’t yet, go over and “Like” the Facebook page and follow our Twitter feed.

Also, keep sharing the beta request site (or even this email) with friends and colleagues because this community doesn’t work without the actual community. The more hands on deck means the more opportunities and benefits for you and remember it’s Free!

We here at What’cha Reading can’t wait to see this site launch! I’m hoping this is one of those things that fixes exactly what it’s trying to fix and gives the next batch of talented creators the connections they need to bring the rest of us some great stories! As it says in the press release share the links, talk up the possibilities, and let’s see where it takes us!

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