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In Metro NYC? Check out the New Sci Fi Bookstore in Queens!


A friend of mine told me that a sci fi/fantasy bookstore was heading to Astoria, Queens. One that plans on having Geek Trivia Nights, author readings and signings, and a Mommy and Me. A MOMMY AND ME FOR GEEKS. My friend, fellow geek girl Piera, and I made it our business to get over to Enigma Bookstore at 33-17 Crescent Street in Astoria to investigate.

enigma bookstore_weheartastoria

They haven’t had their grand opening yet, but I knew I was in love the second I walked in and saw Star Wars, Star Trek, and Harry Potter books lining the shelves in Enigma’s space. I almost wept tears of joy at the sight of the Serenity wall sticker displayed on the store’s cashier counter. The back room, which will be a space for readings and events, is open, inviting, and featured Darth Vader crocheted pillows. I had arrived. I was home.

And then, I got to speak to the owners, Claire and Hugh. They’re everything you want in your neighborhood geek bookseller – they know their stuff, and expect anyone working for them to know their stuff, too – in fact, they had one of their employees reading a graphic novel when I got there. As part of his job! Their love for books and geekery made me want to hug them both, but you know… awkward. At least at the first meeting.

Enigma will carry both new and used books, so if you’re so inclined to clean off your shelves, consider dropping off some books. And make sure to swing by for their grand opening on August 3rd – there’s going to be trivia and giveaways the first day, and make sure you get yourself on their mailing list. They’re creating a real community for us, let’s support them! Follow Enigma on Twitter @EnigmaBookstore to get latest updates.

Enigma Bookstore image courtesy of WeHeartAstoria’s article on Enigma.


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  1. Claire LaPlaca on

    Wow!!! That was amazing. We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed the store. It was wonderful meeting you as well. Having other geeks like the store is the very point of our mission and makes us beam with pride.

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