Images Emerge from Squarriors #1 Coming Soon from Devil's Due ~ What'cha Reading?

Images Emerge from Squarriors #1 Coming Soon from Devil’s Due


Devil’s Due had quite the booth at Special Edition: NYC and they were teasing us with images from this book mercilessly! Now we’re finally getting things to share with you all! Admit it, this looks sick! – Chuck, Editor Monkey

From the press release:
New Squarriors Image Reveals “the Tin Kin”

Images Emerge from Squarriors #1 Coming Soon from Devil's Due

By now the news of Squarriors has made its way throughout the comic book press with our release last week.

And if you missed it, check this link!

Well, today the creators Ash Maczko and Ashlie M Witter have delivered us this amazing poster image of one of the Squarrior tribes, the Tin Kin in full color.

Look for more images to come as we lead into the debut release of Squarriors #1 (you can like the Squarriors facebook page here).

Look for a crowdfunding campaign to begin in July, with a release date of December for Squarriors #1!

This weekend June 28-29 Witter and Maczko will be hosting the first Count-i-Con Comic Convention in Round Lake Beach, IL with Squarriors prints and goodies to sign at the Devil’s Due booth with Josh Blaylock.

Stay tuned to and for updates.

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