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iFanboy makes a sad but understandable announcement


So I saw this article on iFanboy today and it made me stop and think. When I started writing reviews I did it because I was inspired by the content on iFanboy. I discovered the podcasts and like many of you found them to be funny, smart, and informative. I read the articles, disagreed with some, agreed with more. I really enjoyed the site and the community they had created there. So much so that I became a regular follower of the site (even winning a couple of long boxes of comics from a twitter give-away, Thanks Josh!).

As the years progressed and their individual careers started to blossom I wondered what it would mean for the site. Well now after 13 years of running the site they’re scaling back;

So what happens next? We will continue to produce all the podcasts that we have before. That means that every Sunday you will still get a new episode of the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast. We will still produce the occasional Special Edition, Talksplode, and Booksplode podcast. All of those shows will still be found here at iFanboy.com, which will still exist, but will now serve solely to host our shows.

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I’m glad the podcasts will continue, I’m glad the site will still be around. But most of all? I’m glad I had the chance to watch and listen to these three goofy guys and learn from them. Thanks Josh, Conner, Ron and the best of luck to you all.

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