ICYMI: John Carter Warlord of Mars issue 10 ~ What'cha Reading?

ICYMI: John Carter Warlord of Mars issue 10


JCWoM10-Cov-A-CasasAugust 28, 2015John Carter Warlord of Mars is one of those comics, along with Dynamite Comics that I feel I should be talking about more.  What’cha Reading have long been fans of the work they publish and they should be applauded for keeping the spirit of great pulp characters and heroes alive.  Outside of their current Will Eisner’s The Spirit title and The Shadow, Dynamite is at issue ten of their John Carter Warlord of Mars series.  The titular hero created by Edgar Rice Burroughs has been someone I’ve been a fan of since I was introduced to him through the 2012 Disney film.  (See our review here.)  I’ve read the series of books, along with the Marvel comics bearing the same name as this new Dynamite publication.  It must be said that writer Ron Marz and Ian Edginton have crafted a story framed so perfectly within the stories that Edgar Rice Burroughs had originally wrote.  Issue 10 of John Carter Warlord of Mars released this Wednesday and it’s a charming tale you may want to look out for while at your local comic shop, bookstore, or wherever you choose to view your stories.

JCWoM10-Cov-B-MalsuniIssue 10 of John Carter Warlord of Mars is one of the most accessible and easy to follow stories on shelves this week.  Despite being steeped in the mythology that Edgar Rice Burroughs introduced readers to with his A Princess of Mars story, writer Ron Marz has created a story, almost camp-fire like, that introduces us to the characters and world of the John Carter series.

John Carter Warlord of Mars starts with Sola, daughter of Tars Tarkas, telling the young thark hatchlings a story of great adventure.  For those unfamiliar with the world of John Carter, here are a few things you might like to know:

  • Tharks are tall, four armed green men and women.  Essentially martians, they belong to a species called Tharks.  They have been on Mars longer than anyone else.
  • Tars Tarkas is John Carter’s best friend and you might recall that Willem Dafoe portrayed him in the 2012 film by Andrew Stanton.
  • While we call it Mars, the red planet in the world of John Carter is called Barsoom.
  • Woola is a John Carter’s loyal friend and pet.  He’s a large lizard-like dog/cat and belongs to a species known as calots.  He’s either depicted with six legs or ten.

JCWoM10-Cov-C-LupacchinoAs Sola tells her story, the hatchlings along with the reader learn of a time Tars Tarkas and Woola rode through Barsoom on a journey that would hopefully reunite them with John Carter and his wife, the Princess of Mars – Dejah Thoris.  The art by Ariel Medel and Nanjan Jamberi is primarily told through a story book format and we’re treated to beautiful splash page after splash page.  The characters of Edgar Rice Burroughs stories lend themselves to the comic book format and it’s great seeing writers like Ron Marz and artists like Ariel Medel and Nanjan Jamberi working on them.

Whether or not you’re well versed in John Carter, issue 10 of John Carter Warlord of Mars is not only the perfect jumping on point, but also a great read.  It’s another issue that reminds me of my love for what Edgar Rice Burroughs had created, along with an admiration for publishers like Dynamite to provide opportunities to writers such as Mr. Ron Marz to continue the tradition of grand adventure and the romanticism of far away worlds.  John Carter Warlord of Mars issue 10 is also another reminder, yet again, that this IS a comic we should be talking about more!

John Carter Warlord of Mars issue 10 gets five stars.

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