Icon Heroes Announces - The Atom Statue Paperweight ~ What'cha Reading?

Icon Heroes Announces – The Atom Statue Paperweight


Icon Heroes Announces - The Atom Statue Paperweight


Icon Heroes has an exciting lineup of collectibles in store for fans of The CW DC Comics based television series.  After announcing a paper weight statue of “The Flash” featuring Grant Gustin’s likeness and a letter opener featuring the classic lightening bolt emblem, Icon has another hero to add to your collection – Brandon Routh!  Yes, the guy who played the Man of Steel in Bryan Singer’s 2006 film, “Superman Returns.”  The Icon Heroes paper weight statue will be of Routh’s character The Atom as featured in “Arrow”, “The Flash”, and the upcoming mid-season replacement series”DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.”

The resin statue is the 2nd character in the Icon line, stands at an impressive 8.8 inches (sorry, he doesn’t shrink, he does need to hold down your papers, yes?)  The availability is listed as first quarter of 2016 which places it right in time for “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.”  As with The Flash, the suggested retail price is $50.  Somehow, I think it’s worth it.




Icon Heroes have been delivering a stellar lineup with well-crafted collectibles.  Stay tuned for more of their items as they announce them.



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