Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter - is a glimpse into the abyss. ~ What'cha Reading?

Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter – is a glimpse into the abyss.


Ichabod Jones is a psychotic killer confined to a mental institution but by the end of this story he’ll be an escapee, a monster hunter, a savior, and a sacrifice. Maybe.

I love a crazy protagonist, stories that keep you wondering just how strong a grip the main character has on reality are some of my favorites. Ichabod Jones has that quality. You never once question if Ichabod is crazy, he most definitely is, you question literally everything else that happens. A story that starts out as a psycho in a cell book quickly changes to a post-apocalyptic survival horror adventure. Or does it? I want to believe everything Ichabod goes through is truly happening simply because the further into the story you go Ichabod seems less a psycho and more the hero. I would go so far as to say Ichabod Jones could be categorized as a Rick Grimes who’s suffered a psychotic break from reality.

Author Russell Nohelty gives the reader every indication that things may not be what they seem, but he never gives it away. In fact when I hit the last page I totally expect a to be continued… but alas this story is only 112 pages and when it’s done it’s pretty obvious it’s done. But just maybe…

Renzo Podesta’s art fits perfectly. Ichabod Jones lives in a dark, ugly, brutal world, with fear and death around every corner, Renzo nails that perfectly. He has a really distinct style that allows him to give us wide-eyed protagonists, who look almost innocent, to the creatures and people we know intrinsically we shouldn’t trust. He uses a subdued color palette with an occasional pop of color at just the right moment. His settings are detailed and rich with just enough shadow around the edges to keep you guessing as to what’s real and what isn’t.

I believe this could have easily gone on for 6, 10, or even 12 issues but Russell told the story he wanted to tell. He drew us in, entertained and intrigued, and finished it. In the current comic book climate that is something to admire.

If you love your horror gritty, gory, and psychological pick up a copy of Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter. You can get digital and print versions at amazon (paperback $14.99) or the gorgeous deluxe hardcover ($30) from the Wannabe Press store.

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