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Human Body Theater: Biology Made Fun!


Ladies and Gentlemen! Step right up and learn all about the human body right here, courtesy of Human Body Theater by Maris Wicks! Did you ever get tired just looking at your biology textbook? Want a quick and easy explanation of what goes on inside your heart? This is the resource you need to make it through science class this year!

Human Body Theater: Biology Made Fun!

Billed as a “non-fiction revue”, Human Body Theater is presented as a theatrical show with a skeletal master of ceremonies leads readers through 11 acts, from the skeletal system through to the five senses. Each chapter is loaded with detailed information and renderings of the human body: skin cells, bacteria, inner workings of bones and organs, and the best explanation of the bone healing process I’ve ever seen.

This is biology made exciting, interesting, and FUN. Middle and high schoolers should be getting copies of these books in addition to their biology textbooks; failing that, there should be multiple copies available in every school library and science lab. Human Body Theatre is an absolutely necessary purchase for any household or school that wants to be savvy enough to teach kids in a way that benefits EVERY child.

Take a look at some of the art from Human Body Theater, then make sure to pre-order it!

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hbt_4 hbt_5 hbt_6
hbt_7 hbt_8

Author & Artist: Maris Wicks
Publisher: First Second
Price: $14.99
ISBN: 9781596439290
On-Sale: Oct. 6, 2015

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