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Hulu’s New Original Series Deadbeat – Premieres April 9th!


It’s said, by those who believe in ghosts, one of the major factors that keeps them around is unfinished business. They can’t pass on until they’ve settled whatever it is. Hey, don’t we all crave closure? It’s a medium’s job to figure out their dilemma and help solve it for them. Not exactly an easy job, nor a lucrative one as we see in Hulu’s new original series, “Deadbeat”.

Deadbeat is the story of a not so successful medium, Kevin. In fact his life is pretty much a wreck. He mostly spends his days getting high with his friend and dealer, Roofie, unless he gets a job. In the first episode his job was to get rid of a ghost in an attic. It seems the ghost used to make out with the love of his life in that attic. Unfortunately he was killed in the war and therefore never consummated his love with her. Kevin goes looking for the woman but doesn’t quite find what he expects.

Hulu's New Original Series Deadbeat - Premieres April 9th!I mostly watched the preview of “Deadbeat” for Tyler Labine, as I’ve loved him since “Reaper”. The character he plays here is not that different but it’s in his wheelhouse and that’s okay. He made me like Kevin who doesn’t seem very likable at first. I did appreciate that he was a genuine medium and not a con man. It felt like a different twist on this type of character. He’s not trying to get over on anyone, in fact he’s barely getting by even though he’s the genuine article.

The supporting characters didn’t distinguish themselves much in the first episode but it’s a_MPP0956 sitcom so that’s not surprising. It will be interesting to see how them develop as the show moves along. His best friend, played by Brandon T. Jackson of “Roll Bounce” and “Tropic Thunder”, is a good comic foil for Labine. As they get more comfortable with each other their BFF chemistry may amp up the humor. Kevin also has an arch nemesis in celebrity medium, Chamomile White. He is attracted to her until he uncovers her secret, well he’s still attracted to her but greatly disappointed.

DEADBEAT_PR_BCat Deeley, of “So You Think You Can Dance”, plays the celebrity medium. She didn’t leave much of an impression on me one way or the other, this is her first scripted series so I’ll reserve judgment on both her acting and the character. I’m giving Deadbeat 3 out of 5 stars. It’s a bit crude but funny and entertaining. I’ll be checking out the other episodes when they become available on Hulu.

“Deadbeat” premieres Wednesday April 9th on Hulu.

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