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Howling Horror Here for Halloween with Th3rd Worlds Studio’s “The Pack”



I love a good Werewolf Yarn and couldn’t resist the opportunity  to review this graphic novel by Mike Raicht and Daniel Faccilongo. I’m familiar with Raicht’s work on Wild Blue Yonder (great futuristic-steam punk-sci-fi series from IDW, featuring airship wars and jetpack battles over a ruined earth) and only heard good things about the Stuff of Legend (we’ve talked about it before) , another series he writes for Th3rd World Studios, so I thought I’d check out his horror chops as well.

While reading up on the book on TWS’ website, I found a quote from Mr. Raicht that had me hooked with its familiarity alone:

“this is my attempt to combine my love of movies like Halloween, Friday the 13th and the Howling (which I watched at much too young an age) with the classic teen angst movies like Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful. Our artist, Daniel Faccilongo and the guys at Th3rd World have done an amazing and creepy job of channeling that era. I hope this gives everyone the feeling I had as a kid, secretly watching those horror movies on low volume in my living room so my mom wouldn’t catch me.”  

So then I opened up the preview copy and laughed out loud:

thepack1 thepack2

Not at Daniel Faccilongo’s art, that would be foolish! Faccilongo’s style is perfectly suited for this story –  the perfect amount of sketchiness, what every good Vertigo-Like horror book needs, with nice frenetic panel arrangements. His facial expressions carry emotions and thoughts ( mostly fear )  and in time I can see his style develop into something along the lines of a Tom Mandrake or Leonardo Manco.

Oh, what I laughed at was: I looked exactly like that little boy when I was a kid. And I too, stayed inside and read sci-fi books on camping trips.

Luckily (well, depends on how you look at it…) my mom was never killed by a Werewolf on one of those trips. And sadly, me and my dad never teamed up to go hunt the beast who did it, although I’d like to think we would’ve been awesome at it!


It looks like the book centers on more of the Breakfast Club meets Howling riff. “The Pack” seems to refer to a group of high school kids, dealing with the murder of one of the more popular kids (the titular Ben Foster) and the trouble it brings to their doorstep, I truly hope we get to see the Father and Son Werewolf Revenge Team in action.

Check this Book out! I know I will!

The Pack TP (MR)
Writer: Raicht, Mike
Artist: Faccilongo, Daniel
Cover Artist: Faccilongo, Daniel
Price: $16.99
ISBN: 978098957440251699
On Sale: October 30, 2013
Publisher: Th3rd World Studios
Diamond Id: AUG131448


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