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Howard Chaykin brings Buck Rogers to Hermes Press! Is it a good fit?


25726Buck_Rogers_Cover-LGChaykin on a Buck Rogers title? Does his style really suit a story that’s traditionally told (at least to my memory) with a sort of art deco influence? I felt the same way about Chaykin’s Rocketeer. What’s a good Chaykin book, one that you feel epitomizes his visual style?

Juan Pineda:

I’m a Chaykin fan! From American Flagg to Blackhawk! I would read his Buck Rogers, I think it is a great fit. Do you remember he did the second issue of Marvel’s adaptation of Star Wars? It was the best drawn out of the story.

Rosemary Kiladitas:

I’d forgotten about his work on Star Wars! I’d check it out.

Nancy Mathews:

You had me at Buck Rogers 😉

Rob Greenwood (Alternativemindz):

There is no one right now who would do old Buck Rogers proud than Howard Chaykin. I’ve always loved his style and story telling. His American Flagg books are some of my favorite.
Also Juan is 100% right I think Dark Horse has the trades with Howard’s work.

Chuck Suffel:

I want to agree, I really like Chaykin. (Hell I bought American Flagg off a spinner rack at the candy store!) The problem is I don’t think we’re going to get American Flagg Chaykin, we’re going to get this kind of Dominic Fortune thing he’s been doing.

flagg_01redteam02-cov-chaykinAnd even the classic look of Flagg isn’t really where my head goes when I think Buck Rogers.


It can be very 60’s-ish. I loved the Buck TV show, but as a comic? I prefer a different style, looking at the strips now I see they have a kind of psychedelic esthetic, maybe it’s false memory, maybe I keep remembering that art deco revolution that never happened. I still hope we get more of this than we’ve been getting lately.


Ed Gambichler:

ku-xlargeThey just did a Buck Rogers reboot at dynamite entertainment about 3 years ago. Alex Ross did some of the alternate covers for them. Personally, I think Simone Bianchi could have pulled off an interesting style for Buck Rogers, more in the vein of a modern Alex Toth. Chaykin is too static for a space book. He’s much better for a true crime book like 100 Bullets or a noir style like Fatale.

Bob Lazauskas:

Black Kiss ( keep away from the kiddies ) and there was this Elsworlds with Batman he did that really showed off his art’s strong points. And Monarch Star Stalker, some of his early stuff so it’s not so polished, but a Space Pirate who keeps his nervous system in a cybernetic bird is just a cool idea.
I think he can pull off Buck Rogers, his style is one that always seems like it takes place in the past so it’ll catch the retro feel of  the old serials but still be glammed up so it won’t look hokey.

Rob Greenwood (Alternativemindz):

I have to disagree (with) Chuck if you look at vintage Buck Rogers Strips…
I think HC could do a retro style Rogers book if he didn’t like vintage Flagg. My mind automatically thought of the vintage stuff…

Chuck Suffel:

That’s kind of my point. The style HC had in Flagg has kind of morphed into this shiny puffy faced almost 80’s look. I don’t know if he’ll get that retro-future feel. Here’s the poster that was released at San Diego Comic Con July 2012…

chaykin_buckrogersIt’s just so, shiny (and not in the Browncoat vernacular)

Rob Greenwood (Alternativemindz):

I trust him and believe that if anyone could do it its Howard!  But with that in mind I could also see Mignola or Larsen doing a sick stylized Buck Rogers. I’ll take Howard first…

Bob Lazauskas:

Says it all lol…

MonarkCover 06-22-2009 05;16;46PM page03

Well to wrap this up, I seem to have been out-voted. I still don’t think this will be Buck Rogers. Maybe more Flash Gordon? I’ve always seen Flash a little more fantasy and Buck more sci-fi. Again, I know this is more of my interpretation. My personal blind-spot.

I guess after all this discussion it’s really just a matter of wait and see…

Shame we won’t be getting any of this though,

th ErinGray_BuckRogers

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