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Review – House of Montresor – A Worthy Successor to Cask?


This year’s Boston Comic Con was a wonder of indie publishing goodness. The Red Stylo Media booth usually has something interesting at every convention, this year was no exception…

Review - House of Montresor - A Worthy Successor to Cask?

There really isn’t anything more daring than writing a sequel to a great piece of literature. It’s a task that’s undertaken often, with varying results. Stay too true to the original authors voice and it isn’t really yours, stray too far and fans of the original will have a field day. Enrica Jang has begun a very strong next chapter in the life of the Fortunato family.

Yes I said the Fortunato family. If you even have a passing acquaintance with Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado you know that Fortunato is the character walled up by Montresor at the end. In the Red Stylo adaptation of Cask we even see Montresor return to Fortunato’s wife and together they wonder aloud where her husband has gone.

The House of Montresor takes place 50 years later and after a quick recap we catch up with Edana, the heiress of the Montresor/Fortunato estate, on her way from London (where she had been living), via carriage, to take her place as the head of the family. Jason Strutz’ art gives a brooding eerie quality to the trip that sets the tone for the book. Rainy and dark we approach the titular house in the way of the classic horror films. And Edana is received in a similar manner. There are secrets here and no-one in residence seems truly pleased to meet the new madam of the house, except oddly the villain (nope no spoilers). Quite quickly through a gorgeous splash page we’re brought up to speed on the fates of  the Fortunato men and women…


So, Grandfather disappeared, father disappeared from the same place, grandmother driven insane with grief, and Edana’s own mother dead of an “accident”. But where is Count Montresor the executor of the estate and Edana’s “guardian”? And just what is the significance of Edana’s grandmother’s reaction to Edana’s presence in the house..


As I mentioned, Enrica has woven an intricate tale, one that feels right, feels like this is where the story should go. There is foul play afoot and I’m not quite sure how it’s going to play out. Poe’s stories aren’t known for “happy endings” and Enrica doesn’t seem afraid to go pretty dark in this tale. Between Jason’s art and Enrica’s writing I’m definitely hooked.

This is a five out of five. I hope you buy this book, this is what indie should be.

You can buy The House of Montresor part 1 directly from Red Stylo Media here.

The House of Montresor Book 1 (of 4)
Written by: Enrica Jang
Art & Letters by: Jason Strutz
Cover by: Jason Strutz
Published by: Red Stylo Media
Format: 48 pages, full color
Age: Mature Readers

If you’re interested in Enrica and Jason’s adaptation of The Cask of Amontillado you can check out a preview and read our review here

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