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Hoax Hunters (2015) #1 – This March! Pre-Order Now!


Hoax Hunters Vol 4 #1 - This March! Pre-Order Now!Hoax Hunters is one of the few independent series I can truthfully say I’ve read since it began. Moreci and Seeley have a great concept, a group of paranormal investigators masquerading as a reality television show called “Hoax Hunters”. The show appears to debunk the cases they investigate, while actually they solve them and further explore the depths of the supernatural.

In publication since 2012 (with Image Comics) Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley have created a fan favorite series that though its seen more than a few artists, all of whom had their strengths, the series really found its heart when T-Rex Jones and then Chris DiBari took the reigns.

The current style of the book is darker, edgier, than it had been and it suits the writing so well. A book that was good has now after 3 volumes has become great. Top that off with the fact that Hoax Hunters is the first ever monthly title published by Heavy Metal Magazine. Quite an honor. And well deserved.

Onto the review! We join back up with what’s left of the team (following Jack’s trip to the “Eight Parallel in issue #13) doing what the Hunters do investigate and debunk. But without Jack’s leadership they can hardly pull off the reality show they produce. So Donovan takes Regan, Ken, and of course Murder to Paris for as he puts it “a slam dunk” and a chance to recharge. Right, because Donovan is always soooo reliable. In the meantime Lauren is on another assignment, one that could set them on track to finding Jack. But that’s proving difficult as well. I worried at the end of issue 13 if the story could survive Jack’s departure but this new arc is funny, gritty, and interesting. And the bad guys are creepy as hell!

Hoax Hunters #1 get’s a 4.5 out of 5!

You should have time to pre-order this one at your local shop, it’s in the January Issue of Previews Magazine (page 354) and the order info is below. Make the call, order this one. It’s in shops this March, look out for a Q&A with Michael Moreci and hopefully some preview art soon!

Hoax Hunters (2015) #1
Written by: Steve Seeley, Michael Moreci
Art by: Chris Dibari
Item Code: JAN151482
In Shops: 3/25/2015
SRP: $3.50

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