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HJ-Story – This Adorable Love Story Begins A New Chapter!


What new chapter you may ask? Why publication of course!

Wait you don’t know about HJ-Story? Here let’s catch you up…

Andrew Hou was in love with a girl. But Andrew wasn’t exactly comfortable with the whole communicating with the opposite sex thing. So Andrew expressed himself the only way he knew how…


Through a series of doodles, then cartoons he won the hand of the fair maiden and now this adorable husband and wife are turning Andrew’s 200+ love centric cartoons into two 7 x 7 volumes.

How are they attempting this herculean task? Why through kickstarter of course!


Unlike many of the kickstarters we see this one is for two books that are already done. All that’s left is layout and printing. As well as creation of the special rewards. That means Andrew is shooting for a March 2014 shipping date. What else can I say, it’s an adorable story and if you like cute art with a good message this stuff is for you. Not sure? Check out the original site, hj-story.com

Also check out HJ-Story on twitter, and facebook.

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