Hinterkind - Not the end of the world, just the end of ours. ~ What'cha Reading?

Hinterkind – Not the end of the world, just the end of ours.


Hinterkind - Not the end of the world, just the end of ours.

At first glance Hinterkind looked like something I probably wouldn’t want to read. The cover of issue #1 has a fantasy feel. Don’t get me wrong I love me some trolls and elves and such but it’s the kind of thing that’s I’m sorry to say is a bit overdone in comics (and literature). So I bought the first couple of issues but as is the life of a reviewer I had such a huge reading backlog I hadn’t stayed current with the book.

Wow was I missing out! I recently picked up the trade collecting the first six issues and read it in one sitting. Hinterkind is one of those rare genre crossing titles that actually succeeds in melding the better parts of each. Though this book is compared to Fables and other fairy-tale inspired books I have to disagree, though some of the characters in this series are of the “fairy-tale” variety, trolls, goblins, fairy-folk, the circumstances and conflict in this world are not of the “once upon a time” variety.

Fifty-seven years after “the blight” a biological event that killed off a huge portion of the population we find an earth overgrown and wild. Man and nature once again forced to live hand in hand. I love post apocalyptic stories where civilization has given way to nature and artist Francesco Trifogli does an admirable job of showing us the forest New York City has become. He finds a nice balance between the more overgrown Will Smith’s I Am Legend and the totally changed landscape of Planet of The Apes. This is a city where Central Park has become a farming settlement, the skyscrapers surrounding it covered in growth.

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In Hinterkind life is simpler, farming, hunting, watching out for predators. It all seems fairly idyllic. That is until they begin losing radio contact with other city-settlements. Asa, the settlement’s doctor, decides to travel to Albany, the last settlement to stop broadcasting, to see what’s what. What we, the reader, know that he doesn’t is that something is hunting and killing humans, possibly to extinction. Asa’s granddaughter, Prosper, decides to head out as well, though for different reasons (and a sub-plot that I’m very interested in seeing through) and trouble finds her and her friend Angus quite quickly.

Believable characters involved in many interesting story-lines all playing out in a lush verdant setting, a post apocalyptic sci-fi drama intertwined with a fantasy story about goblins and pointy-eared fairies (they’re there, trust me), it’s a book that’s worth reading, worth catching up on. And at $9.99 for a six issue trade it’s a really good deal as well.

Hinterkind vol 1 gets a 4 out of 5. Go buy this one, get caught up in a great story.

Hinterkind vol 1 TP
Writer: Edginton, Ian
Artist: Trifogli, Francesco
Colors: Peter, Cris
Cover Artist: Tocchini, Greg
On Sale: April 02, 2014
Publisher: DC Comics
Imprint: Vertigo
Diamond Id: JAN140379
Price: $9.99
ISBN: 978140124518450999

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