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Hinges: Book 1 – Clockwork City a modern fairy-tale that belongs on your shelf


Image is blowing my mind with the books they’re coming out with for all-ages. I love a good rated “T” or “M” book as much as the next comic book fan, but when there’s an intelligent, beautiful-looking book available for kids, I am all over it. We all started reading comics when we were kids, and we need to keep finding books that elevate the dialogue and bring them more into the fold. Hinges, Book 1: Clockwork City is one of those books.

Hinges: Book 1 - Clockwork City a modern fairy-tale that belongs on your shelf

A doll named Orio arrives in the city of Cobble. She has to choose a familiar, called an Odd, and it looks like one of the Odds has its eye on her. Bauble, who kinds of reminds me of Stitch from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch, makes sure he ends up with Orio – to the displeasure of a few of the people she encounters. (I really, REALLY hope we get a Bauble backstory.)

As Orio tries to fit in and develop a routine in Cobble, Bauble is there to seemingly cause chaos at every turn. But is he doing it to cause problems, or does he sense what Orio’s real purpose, or talent, is, and is leading her to it? It’s an interesting path to watch.

I LOVE this book. Meredith McClaren has artist and writer duties on this book, which was the recipient of a successful Kickstarter back in 2013. There’s not a huge amount of dialogue, allowing the reader instead to use his or her imagination to flesh out the story as it unfolds on the pages. How did Orio arrive in Cobble? What’s this business with the Odds all about? I’m sure answers will come, but it’s great fun to think about possibilities in the meantime.

The artwork is beautiful. Largely sepia-toned, with splashes of color for effect, the characters draw you in with their huge, expressive eyes and facial expressions. Bauble is an adorable scamp, but seems to have his new mistress’ best interests at heart, as we see throughout the story. There’s a steampunk feel to the book, also enhanced by the sepia art.

Younger fans will love this book because there’s a cute, Stitch-type character leading his young companion on adventures, with an overall mystery as to her origins wrapped around the entire book, like a bow on a present, waiting to be opened and discovered. Tweens and teens will be drawn in by the beautiful art.

This book is going on my shelves for the Summer Reading crowd, and I’m getting a copy for my own tween. Don’t pass this book up. Take a look at this beautiful artwork, and get your own copy when it hits shelves today.

hinges_2 hinges_3 hinges_4

hinges_5 hinges_6 hinges_7

Hinges is also a webcomic – she’s just completed Book Two online, so check it out!

Writer & Artist: Meredith McClaren
Publisher: Image
ISBN 978-1-63215-253-4
Diamond Comic order code DEC140649
Price: $15.99
On-Sale: comic book stores February 25, bookstores March 10

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