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A Hidden Gem – Kristen Gudsnuk – Henchgirl


A Hidden Gem - Kristen Gudsnuk - HenchgirlWhile at my local comic store, Royal Collectibles, I had the very fortunate pleasure of learning about a hidden gem in the comics industry. A gem in the name of Kristen Gudsnuk. A New York City based writer and artist, she’s a self-proclaimed “comics/anime/tv/movie/book/music/language enthusiast”, she has created a web-comic that is almost certainly destined for adaptation. Her art is very lively and the most appropriate description is if Bryan Lee O’ Malley and Francesco Francavilla had a love child, it’d be Gudsnuk’s art. Just check out her Tumblr page.

Her series, “Henchgirl: The Villain with a Heart of Gold” is currently at issue #7 and is available for purchase on the Henchgirl site. One of What’cha Reading’s own, Chuck Suffel, met her back in September at the Boston Comic Con and reviewed the series, saying the “book is funny, a little sexy, and a touch super-hero-y.”  It’s the story of Mary Posa, a “henchgirl” in Crepe City.  Following her exploits, we meet colorful characters like Roadmeister (a road with a mouth that swallows cars), Mr. Great Guy/ Greg Gains (the hero), and the man she works for, Monsieur Butterfly.  We see what you did there.

We’re very excited for Kristen Gudsnuk’s “Henchgirl” and whatever else she does!  Be sure to visit www.henchgirlcomic.com and on Twitter at @henchgirl_comic  And let’s all hope that the wise folks at some animation studio adapt her work.  The material is ripe for picking!



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