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‘Hey-Zeus’ Comic RELAUNCH!


It’s a rare occurrence when we get a second chance at something. Stephan Lapin and Eddie Nunez are giving us just that. Back in July they launched a Kickstarter for their comic Hey-Zeus. Here’s an excerpt from the piece I wrote back in July;

Talk about a new kind of super hero! The idea of a hero who uses non-violence intrigues me, I’d really like to see where Stephan takes this. And it isn’t just an interesting concept it’s also a really well written and beautifully drawn book.


It really is quite the unique concept “A Hero Doesn’t Need To Fight” is something I can get behind and just like the last time I’ll be backing this project. Take a second to look at the art, I think you’ll agree this book looks good!

d69b092b9a1d74d9fef616afed23e9f0_largeJump over to my original piece or just head right to the kickstarter let’s get this thing made!

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