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Heroes Godsend Features Nazneen Contractor!


D6AhD8HfgAc4yZPafM9DNyZysdvkzV1y-QGzYm0jRgYNBC’s Heroes has enjoyed a healthy relationship with comic books since the original series premiered.  Titan Comics have maintained the world of Heroes by publishing an ongoing series expanding on the characters of NBC’s relaunch Heroes Reborn.  This March sees the start of the 5-part story arc, “Godsend”, focusing on Farah of Heroes Reborn.  The new series features writer Joey Falco, one of the scriptwriters from Heroes Reborn, along with Immortal Iron Fist artist Roy Allan Martinez.

While I haven’t followed Heroes Reborn, despite it starring Zachary Levi (Chuck, Thor: The Dark World), I was interested in the character of Farah.  Interestingly, a quick Google search resulted in my learning that Farah is played by noneother than Nazneen Contractor.  The Canadian actress born in India appeared in Star Trek: Into Darkness as Rima Harewood, the mother of an ill daughter whom Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan saves via blood transfusion.  It’s always pleasant seeing a familiar face and so now I’m looking forward to Heroes Godsend.  Nazneen Contractor, how have I not known you’re on Heroes Reborn?

Heroes Godsend, by Titan Comics, releases March 9, 2016.

WriterJoey Falco
ArtistRoy Allan Martinez
Cover A: Roy Allen Martinez – JAN161675
Cover B: Photo – JAN161676
Cover C: Blank Sketch – JAN161677
Publisher: Titan Comics
Page Count: 32 pp​
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: March 9, 2016

This 5-part story arc focuses on Farah from Heroes Reborn, delving into her past as we find out how she became the woman she is today.

The story begins while Farah is a student in New York City in 2001 and terrorists destroy the World Trade Center… Life for the world and Farah will never be the same again… And how will she cope with discovering her camouflage powers?

Have you been watching Heroes Reborn?  Are you familiar with the actress Nazneen Contractor?  Sound off in the comments below?  And be sure to check out more of what Titan has to offer at Titan-Comics.com.

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