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Hellboy and the BPRD take Brazil by storm in Issue #2


Hellboy and the BPRD #2 picks up where issue #1 left off. After being shamed by the old woman for his inaction, the priest, Father Souza and an altar boy, Olavo, venture out into the night, where Father Souza offers his own confession: that he’s a coward. Hellboy and the BPRD are woken shortly after, because guess what? There’s been another murder! A nickel if you can guess who the latest victim is…

Hellboy and the BPRD take Brazil by storm in Issue #2

With the BPRD on the scene, Hellboy isn’t really sure what to do at first – this is his first mission, remember? – so he’s picked to take care of Olavo. He brings the boy back to town, just as a director who owns the old fortress shows up on the scene. There’s something off about Sergio Vega, and his timing isn’t the only thing. But there are bigger things brewing here, namely an attack on the church grounds and a chase that could lead to some big trouble for Hellboy.

Mike Mignola and John Arcudi are having way too much fun with this story. They’re teasing us, drawing out the suspense of what’s really going on, what the real story is, once we peel back the main boogeymen. They’re planting seeds here and there, getting the reader to stop, re-read panels and ruminate, keeping these little cues in the backs of our heads until they wallop us a few issues down the road.

Hellboy is green here. No, not color-wise, it’s all about his experience – or his inexperience, as the case may be. He’s waiting for his chance to jump in, but still isn’t sure where he belongs on this team; he’s given the seemingly throw-away task of taking care of a kid, but finds himself right in the thick of the action. This is going to be a formative event for Hellboy, and I’m excited to be along for the ride.

Hellboy and the BPRD #2 is on stands today. Make sure it’s in your pull file!

Writers: Mike Mignola and John Arcudi
Artist: Alex Maleev
Publisher: Dark Horse
Price $3.50
On-Sale: January 7, 2014
Diamond ID: NOV140030

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