Hellblazers Unite to #SaveConstantine; Selfie Returns on Hulu ~ What'cha Reading?

Hellblazers Unite to #SaveConstantine; Selfie Returns on Hulu

Hellblazers Unite to #SaveConstantine; Selfie Returns on Hulu

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Yesterday, staff writer Steven Biscotti shared the news that NBC was halting production on Constantine after 13 episodes—not a cancellation, but not a full season, either. We’ve all been to this rodeo before, and know that although NBC hasn’t totally given up on the show (the cast of Constantine is going to be appearing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, after all), the sword of Damocles is still hanging over it. Almost immediately, fans kicked into full Save Our Show mode, taking to various social media platforms of choice. Cast and crew members encouraged Hellblazers to use the hashtag #SaveConstantine in support of the show, and by evening even William Shatner had caught on that something was up, asking the Constantine writers “What’s this about #Constantine? @JohnConWriters?” The writers let him know about the #SaveConstantine movement, and he immediately responded “@JohnConWriters @NBC is crazy! Change your minds! I would live tweet it but Friday’s are impossible #SaveConstantine.” Shatner is a Hellblazer, folks, NBC had better watch out.


The Shat can’t do it alone, however, so I’m calling on all Hellblazers to speak up and let NBC know that we are watching. If you’re not home Fridays at 10PM, DVR the show. Watch it via Hulu, or iTunes, or any legal method, since torrents don’t count toward ratings and don’t give NBC a sense of the size of the viewing audience. Take to your favorite social media platform and use the hashtag #SaveConstantine. Vote for Constantine in the “Favorite New TV Drama” section of the People’s Choice Awards. Join the Constantine live tweeting on Friday night at 10 if at all possible (if you do that you get a special bonus, since Hellblazers generally play a drinking game as we’re watching). You know the drill folks, and you know just how much of a difference fan intervention can have (Family Guy, anyone?). Act now and get Constantine the season two it deserves.


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A little bit of happy news after all my Hellblazer angst: fans of Selfie rejoice, even though the show got canceled earlier this season (possibly due to the unfortunate name, which totally hid the fact that the show is a remake of Pygmalion/My Fair Lady), the remaining episodes will be airing on Hulu every week. I just got sucked into the show on Hulu this week, so I’m overjoyed that I’ll be seeing more of Karen Gillan and John Cho. Sometimes the TV gods smile on us.

Now go out there and #SaveConstantine.

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