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Heartbreakers #8 Review


Heartbreakers #8 ReviewI’m admittedly a bit snobbish at times when it comes to comic books and entertainment. It’s my tragic flaw. I suppose I’m destined to miss out on many a great cinema masterpieces and overlook numerous ingenious stories.  Though I know Comixology is a great hub for small press, independents, and genuinely great comic titles, I regularly overlook it as I stick primarily with my usual staple of DC Comics titles. When What’cha Reading received an e-mail from Monkeybrain Comics, I decided to take a look.  While I was originally going to review King and Canvas #0, one special title caught my attention – Heartbreakers #8.  I didn’t know anything about it, except that it was written by Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan, along with art by Guinan and Todd Herman.  This was going to be the title that I champion this week and I’m proud to present to you the What’cha Reading review of Heartbreakers issue #8.

I have a thing for strong women.  I always have and always will and the cover of Monkeybrains Heartbreakers looked like just the kind of issue I’d pick up at my local comic shop.  Featuring an athletic, lithe, and feisty looking heroine, I immediately had thoughts of a Tank Girl kind of character.  The Greg Capullo-ish pencils added to my interest and with the cover dialogue reading “…I’m ready to rumble!  Have been for years!!” this was a must read. Here’s the blurb from Monkeybrains Comics:

The last two clones of Professor Sorenson, Queenie and Delta, must make their way back to Earth after surviving the destruction of their hideout on Saturn’s moon. This episode ends the black-and-white DHP run of Heartbreakers, and leads into the action-packed color miniseries that comes next!

“DHP.”  Dark Horse Presents!?!  Admittedly, I had never heard of Heartbreakers prior to this, but mind you I had stopped reading Dark Horse Presents some time in the 90’s and right after “A Man Out of Time” stories by Mark Verheiden had finished.  It’s a shame as Heartbreakers would easily have been a series I’d read.  Thanks to Chris Roberson of Monkeybrain Comics, the series Heartbreakers is now available on Comixology.

I’ve read Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan’s issue 8 of Heartbreakers and it’s largely appealing.  The story, plot, and characters feel very much in line with that of the Colonial Marines from Aliens, Robert Heinlen’s Starship Troopers, and Blade Runner.  The story revolves around cloned female soldiers known as “the Heartbreakers.”  A lab assistant named Vector and a bodyguard named Queenie, the hero featured on the cover, have to make their escape off of Saturn’s moon and return back to Earth.  There’s plenty of reliable action sequences that play out, particularly on page six which is Day 1532 of their escape.  Outside of the story, Paul Guinan has offered readers a story filled with pure art stripped of color.  It works to great effect in giving Heartbreakers a very underground comics feel and a certain nobility.

Even with starting Heartbreakers at issue 8, I already feel like I know Vector and Queenie.  That largely must be credited to Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan’s story and dialogue.  The story never feels as if it’s too sprawling like certain science fiction sagas and is very easy story to follow.  Heartbreakers has the tone of a story fit for Dark Horse Presents, but should be read, enjoyed, and spoken of like any other title.  Monkeybrain Comics have done a great servicing in offering this series on Comixology as I only just discovered it.  That’s the power of a hub like Comixology.

Heartbreakers issue 8 gets five stars.  Now I will eagerly go back and read issues one through 7!  You should too!

Heartbreakers #8
Written by: Anina Bennett, Paul Guinan
Pencils: Paul Guinan, Todd Herman
Inks: Paul Guinan
Lettered by: Willie Schubert
Publisher: Monkeybrain Comics
Price: $.99
Genres: Action/Adventure, Leading Ladies, Science Fiction
Page Count: 10 Pages
Digital Release Date: May 20 2015
Age Rating: 15+ Only

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