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Healed. No Disease. No Illness. Now What?


There’s this graphic novel out there called “Healed.” You may not have heard of it yet but should definitely it check out. It’s sort of an anti-zombie book. What’s an anti-zombie book you ask? Well the story goes…


At 12:06 A.M., August 22nd, the world was “healed.”
No more diseases. No more illnesses.
After that, the only deaths were unnatural. Man made.
For all intents and purposes, humans became immortal.
This is what happens next.

At first that sounds like a recipe for a utopian society doesn’t it? No diseases? No illnesses? Halleluiah! But then reality has to sink in. How do you feed an ever-growing population? What do you do with the very old? Do we still get old? What about the huge amount of industries built up around caring for the sick, the dying, and the dead?

Obviously an intriguing concept with many possibilities to explore. Writer George O’Connor and artist Griffin Ess address so many of them in this five issue collection. Each of the five issues contained three stories, two one shots and one of which was a single story spanning the five issues. The recurring story takes on the Vanness-Headley Corporation, a company with their fingers in a host of pies from pharmaceuticals to food development. The politics of drug R&D, food R&D, and their ramifications are a perfect way to show the way the world could fall apart after it’s been tossed on its ear.

The one-shots range from the possible reactions in the religious community, healthcare industry, law enforcement and all tie into the big picture well. This is the kind of book that inspires discussion, speculation, it inspires thought. Isn’t that what the best fiction should do?

You can buy the “Healed” graphic novel on amazon.com or you can hunt George O’Connor or artist Griffin Ess down at the many conventions they attend throughout the year. If you’d like to read an eight-page preview head over to homelesscomics.com  And to find out more about Healed and their other projects follow George and Griffin on twitter and check out Healed and Homeless Comics on Facebook.

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