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Hayley Atwell To Star In New ABC Drama


Hayley Atwell To Star In New ABC Drama

Hayley Atwell, star of Marvel’s Agent Carter, has signed on to star in a new ABC drama, Covinction.  The show is being produced by Mark Gordon and Nick Pepper of The Mark Gordon Co.  It is created and being written by Liz Friedman of Marvel’s Jessica Jones and directed by Liz Friedlander of The Following.  Atwell stars as Carter Morrison, the daughter of a former president forced to take a job as head of the Los Angeles-based Convictions Integrity Unit, a team of lawyers, forensics experts and investigators which examines convictions to see if the guilty person was actually innocent.

The good news is ABC is keeping Hayley Atwell on its roster which means we will see her again on the small screen.  The bad news is this may be the end of the road for Marvel’s Agent Carter.  There is a possible scenario that she could do both shows but the likelihood of that sounds slim at the moment.  Marvel’s Agent Carter is a fun show to watch but it is only designed for a limited run during winter break.  Conviction sounds like a show that is being set to go a full-length season if the pilot is well-received.  This is great news for Hayley Atwell, ABC and her fans.  I hope the show is well-received and moved ahead with because she is a great actress I would love to see on TV again.

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