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Harbinger#17 – Perfect Day?- Perfect Lie is more like it!



If you have been following Harbinger since the end of the Harbinger Wars (and you’re crazy if you’re not collecting this title!) you know things seemed a little to perfect after their escape from Las Vegas.Taking a much needed vacation out in sunny Los Angeles, The Renegades are having an awesome time chilling out in Venice beach. Kris and Charlene are getting along swimmingly heading out to raves and in the desert and making out, Faith and Peter bond over some flight time of the city, only enhancing the crush Faith already had, and Torque is out headbanging to Latino death metal in his Humvee. All is well, or was until Kris started having visions and talking to the sea! Which apparently told her to beat Torque to death. Now the Renegades find themselves trapped in a world of Torques mindscape, or is it?

Looking preview pages we see a very different take on what we thought was the end of Harbinger Wars. This is being touted as the secret final chapter to the Harbinger War, and it truly is! Harada was actually more successful than we thought. (hey it’s not often you see the villain actually win in a company crossover, refreshing guys, very refreshing!) Not only did he defeat Bloodshot, the nanite enhanced harbinger hunter, built specifically to take out Harada by Project Rising Spirit,  and manage to coerce the escaped psiot children to join his Harbinger Foundation, Harada has done what we all feared… He has Peter and the Renegades captive!

Trapped in a psychescape created by two powerful telepaths at a Harbinger Foundation facility, Faith,Kris,Torque and Flamingo are all in containment cells experiencing a virtual world, including a virtual Peter who is made to interact with them according to how they wish. There also running the same program, on a young psiot girl who can make images from her childlike imagination come to life, very powerful creations that is. It reaaally doesn’t look like this program is all it’s cracked up to be judging by the preview art…….

HAR_017_001 HAR_017_002 HAR_017_003

HAR_017_004 HAR_017_005 HAR_017_006

What does Harada have planned for the Renegades? Why is Harada keeping Peter in a separate cell, all too himself ? and what is it about Harada that makes him his own worst Enemy? Find out in Harbinger #17…The hidden chapter of the Harbinger Wars.

Signature Series Cover by Sean Chen


2nd Level 8-Bit Cover:


Cover by BARRY KITSON (AUG131489)
Valiant 8-Bit Level Two Variant by MATTHEW WAITE (AUG131490)
Valiant Signature Series Variant by SEAN CHEN (AUG131491)
$3.99/T+/32 pgs.
ON SALE 10/23/13

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