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Harbinger #23 – And Dead Means Dead In The Valiant U!!


Harbinger #23 - And Dead Means Dead In The Valiant U!!Death of a Renegade- Part Two

Joshua Dysart has been writing Harbinger since it’s re-launchtwo years ago, and in the

HAR_023_VARIANT_MONTOYAprocess has developed the team of Renegade super-teens in t realistic characters, with believable personalities that we have all grown to love and care about. Now he is going to kill one of them off, and the Renegades and their fans will never be the same.Sting, Flamingo, Torque, Zephyr, Kristen.. even the new guy @X are all solid well liked characters, there just isn’t a red-shirt on this team, so who’s gonna bite the big one???… man it’s tense.. like that the five minutes before Opie’s last scene in Sons of Anarchy…. you know what’s gonna happen just not to who!!!!

HAR_023_VARIANT_EVANSDysart and Company have been building toward and epic confrntation between Pete Stanchek and Toyo Harada since issue #1, one that has been foretold by psychics from the past; will the death of a teammate be the push it takes for the two Omega level psiots to battle?? Or doe Pete Die, as a result from the prophesized battle???

All of this jam pact action will be beautifully rendered by the talented Clayton Henry who, now exclusive to Valiant, keeps getting better and better. A Valiant mainstay on such titles as Archer and Armstrong and Harbinger Wars, Henry’s crisp, clean lines, and dynamic layouts have shown an evolution in his style since his Marvel days, and will bring the scope this arc needs to the printed page.

Harbinger is what you want a Super-team book about teens to be, fresh and realistic without being pedantic or hokey.
Well done folks!

Cover by MICO SUAYAN (MAR141414)
Variant Cover by ZACHARY MONTOYA (MAR141415)
Variant Cover by KHARI EVANS (MAR141416)

Dead. Means. Dead.
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HAR_023_003 HAR_023_004

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