Harbinger #20 Preview! - Resistance is not so futile! ~ What'cha Reading?

Harbinger #20 Preview! – Resistance is not so futile!


unnamedHarbinger #20
w. Joshua Dysart
a. Clayton Henry

Covers by Clayton Henry, Khari Evans and Zach Montoya

on sale 1/15

Pete Stanchek and his Renegades have had enough! Months of being hunted, manipulated into battles, subjugated to torturous virtual realities, all at the hands of Toyo Harada and his insidious Harbinger Foundation, have taken their toll. But Sting, Flamingo, Torque, Zephyr and Kris have had enough. As far as the Renegades are concerned, the only good defense, is a frightfully powerful offense! They want to take Harada and his psiot kidnapping and brainwashing corporation down, once and for all…. so how does the cyber-terrorist known as @X fit into their plan?
@X has hacked into Project Rising Spirits files and uploaded a ton of secret documents to the internet for everyone to see! (Valiant’s version of WikiLeaks!)Problem is a lot of those files have info on Harada an all of his secret Harbinger research, thanks to his rivals at PSR’s corporate spies. Information on The Harbinger Foundation, HardCorps wetware schematics, and psiots in general are too dangerous to Harada and his plans to just leave this alone. So he sends the full military weight of his corporation on the tail of the elusive @X. Will the Renegades get to @X before Harada’s forces? Who is @X, and why does he know so  much about Harada and Project Rising Spirit? Is @X the latest member of Peter’s band of Renegades? Check out Harbinger # 20 and see if you get any answers, or just more questions…….

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Variant and Pullbox Covers:

hb20cover hb20c2

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Trained by the Four-Color wizard, Hagan, in all things comic-booky, young Robert took to the streets of New York, dragging his large bespectacled head from comic shop to comic shop, absorbing, learning… knowing…. Until a very delayed pubescent spurt in his early thirties when the tumescent lump of comic knowledge burst forth, rupturing into nonsensical rants about Jack Kirby, superhero related tattoos, questionable cosplay activities, worshiping Jim Starlin as a prophet, and courting the young lady working in his local comic shop. Now he is just mad…roaming the streets late at night while walking his dog, plotting and preparing to unleash more comic-booky goodness on an unsuspecting world. He likes bread. The food. He thinks the band is crap. *Hey wanna freak Bob out? Come follow him on twitter (@dyrewolf1218), he's totally new to it and suspects it may be black magic...* - Chuck the editor monkey

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