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Happy 1st Birthday Valiant! And many more…


With the Release of Shadowman #0 and Harbinger Wars #2 on May 2 2013, Valiant celebrates its first full year of publishing. And what a banner year it’s been for the rebooted franchise. Valiant has set the bar for publishing quality comics and other publishers should take note…

Over the past year, the folks at Valiant have:

–         Maintained a monthly schedule of on-time books. No late books is always a plus to the reader, especially with consistent writing and art.

–         Put out Multi Genre Books that cover the bases of what you want in comic books. Horror ( Shadowman), Espionage/Military ( Bloodshot ), Sci-Fi Blockbuster ( X-O Manowar) Buddy/Adventure ( Archer & Armstrong ) and Superhero/Action ( Harbinger ) are just the initial categories covered in the ever-expanding VU.

–         Tight, but not exclusive continuity that makes each title completely independent but with little tidbits here and there that show a growing community within the VU. Harbinger Wars being the first official crossover between two titles ( Bloodshot and Harbinger ), leads the way for hints planted early on: mentions of the Vine ( alien villains from X-O ) and referrals to Rising Spirit in Archer and Armstrong’s title show promise of future crossovers

–        New reader friendly books + nostalgia for fans of old = New Valiant Universe. If you never read an issue of the old valiant run, or the acclaim run, good! You don’t need too. Big fan of the old VU, check out the fresh, yet eerily familiar vibe that is going on in the new. Maybe you old timers can explain to the noobs why that all black cover is really cool… or why that goat is so damn funny!

–         Dedicated superstar creative teams that are in it for the long haul. Robert Venditti. Duane Swiercynski. Justin Jordan. Joshua Dysart. Fred Van Lente. Mico Suayan. Clayton Henry. Patrick Zircher. Emanuela Lupacchino. Manuel Garcia. Khari Evans. Lee Garbett. Pere Perez. Lewis LaRosa. Trevor Hairsine Stefano Gaudiano and Cary Nord, who along with Joshua Dysart have signed exclusive contracts with Valiant. Not a bad stable of talent for a year-old company.

–         Built a solid foundation for future titles based on secondary characters appearing in the initial launch titles. Ninjak in X-O, Eternal Warrior in Archer & Armstrong, Dr Mirage appearing in Shadowman and the reveal of H.A.R.D. Corps showing up in Harbinger Wars have whet all of our appetites for Valiant 2.NOW or whatever ridiculous name they won’t give to their new second wave. Plus enough of a prior popularity to past books that lead to the return of fan favorite Quantum & Woody, and hopefully soon Rai ( hint, HINT!)

–         Dynamic accessories such as talking ( yes talking ) variant covers, top-notch talent on the incentive variant covers, a start of a statue line with Quarantine Studios beginning with X-O Manowar and even an old school 8 bit video game that ties into Harbinger Wars for your Android or iPhone out this week as well!

Once again Valiant, thanks for a great year of putting out comics and making fans happy and let’s hope I’m writing about how successful the Unity mini-series was this time next year.


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