Hands On DST's Aliens Minimates Toys!

Hands On DST’s Aliens Minimates Toys!


In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Diamond Select Toys sent us their “Aliens Minimates” toy samples to review. Check out our hands on review of Ripley, some xenos’, and a really bad-ass Power Loader!

IMG_2762The classic science-fiction horror series people know as Alien/Aliens is celebrating a very big moment in time.  April 26th, 2016 was Alien Day or Alien Day 426.  Celebrating the 30 year anniversary of James Cameron’s blockbuster sequel Aliens and the 37th anniversary of the debut film Alien, directed by Ridley Scott, fans have a lot to look back on.  We have an enduring cinema hero and one of the most iconic of performances at the very center – Ellen Ripley as played by Sigourney Weaver; and a legendary looking creature originally designed by H.R. Giger.  Perhaps the most fun of this universe has been the merchandise and Aliens has had some pretty cool collectibles released in celebration of it.

While I was born at the end of the 80’s, I grew up in the early 90’s with toy companies such as Kenner.  It was a great time to be a kid and Kenner produced some of the most fun action figures, vehicles, and play sets at the time.  Nearly every movie, cartoon, and t.v. show had toys – including the R-rated ones!  Aliens was no different and after a controversial toy line and xenomorph figure that was pulled after audience reception to the 1979 original, toys eventually were released in a more kid friendly way in the early 90’s.  Kenner gave fans the Space Marines, along with a plethora of Aliens to have them fight.  While most of my classmates were going on incessantly over the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (still have yet to ever see an episode), I was watching Aliens and collecting the toys.  My parents showed me the film at an early age and the film series was a great introduction to film, science-fiction/horror, and Sigourney Weaver.  It actually makes sense that I was introduced and enjoyed the film series so much as the Kenner packaging stated that their toy line was meant for children ages four and up.

Keeping up the great tradition of Aliens merchandise are modern companies like Diamond Select Toys and NECA.  Both companies have produced countless collectibles in support of the film series, with less of an emphasis on Alien Resurrection (which I loved).  In support of Alien Day 426 and the film’s anniversary, Diamond Select Toys sent us some really cool Alien minimates that can currently be found at your local comic shop and even a Toys R Us here and there.

IMG_2766 IMG_2767

First up is the Aliens Minimates Queen Alien with Warrior Alien and Battle Damaged Bishop.  The appeal of Diamond Select Toys’ long running mini-mates series has existed for a long time and they’re line of mini-figures are just as cool, if not even cooler than Lego.  The minimates feature screen accurate or page accurate representations of the given character from film/tv/video game or comic book.  The Queen Alien, Warrior Alien, and Battle Damaged Bishop are exceptional and truly capture the design of the film creatures and of the benevolent synthetic.


There’s a real authenticity to the Aliens Minimates assortment and they also come with really cool accessories like a chestburster alien and three eggs.


It’s amazing how much articulation is packed into each figure considering just how small they are.  The Aliens Minimates are very impressive as they serve as excellent mini-figures, but as excellent figures in general.

The Queen Alien and Battle Damaged Bishop are really fun especially due to the fact that they represent one of the most shocking yet iconic scenes from the film Aliens.  *Spoiler Alert* The Queen Alien rips apart Bishop near the end of the James Cameron film.  This leads to…IMG_2813




…the Power Loader with Ellen Ripley!  By far the most crowd pleasing and exciting of moments in not just action, horror, and sci-fi, but rather a modern classic that won’t soon be forgotten is the final battle Ripley has with the Alien Queen.  Outfitted with the Colonial Marines heavy duty tool – the power loader – Ripley saves the day, protects Newt, and defeats the Alien Queen.


As great as Diamond Select Toys’ minimate of the Power Loader with Ellen Ripley is, it is a little challenging to assemble.  There were a few moments that I was hesitant to take apart Ripley, to only reassemble her within the power loader due to a worry that she might break.  She didn’t.

The Ellen Ripley in the Power Loader minimate is just too cool and while it makes for great play time, it’s also a solid collectible to add to any Aliens and/or Ellen Ripley collection.

The Aliens Minimates by Diamond Select Toys are really fun and while I’m personally more of a DST’s PVC statue and action figure fan, there’s no denying how great their minimates are.  Each figure set is also packed with numerous accessories like multiple alien eggs, some hatched and unhatched, and face huggers.  Perfect for Aliens fans!

Universal Monsters Universe/What’cha Reading would like to thank Zach Oat of Diamond Select Toys for providing us with these samples to review.  For those interested in purchasing the DST Aliens minimates, they can be found on DST, Toys R’ Us, and at your local comic shop.  The Aliens Deluxe Queen and Power Loader Minimates set is also currently available on Entertainment Earth for $24.99

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