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Halloween Eve – Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare in stores TOMORROW!


Kickstarter is a wonderful place. I’ve backed unknowns, little knowns, well knowns and almost without exception it has been a great experience. This week the mailman brought me Halloween Eve.

If you haven’t heard of this book you must be living under a rock. Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare have done an amazing job of promoting it. They have rocked KickstarterĀ  more than doubling the funds they were asking for, the amount of twitter traffic before during and after the campaign bordered on the absurd. It was pretty amazing.

So the book is here. Does it measure up to my expectations?

First and foremost let me say I love Amy Reeder’s art.

Her Batwoman has become what I consider the epitome of the character, serious and moody with a style and beauty unmatched in comic book heroines to date.

When I received “Halloween Eve” I was once again blown away by the style she brings to the page. Her characters are interesting and unique and the settings are rich and detailed.

So what about the story? I had never read any of Brandon’s work before but having loved many of the books he’s edited I knew I’d be in for a treat. For those of you unfamiliar “Halloween Eve” is the story of Eve, a clerk in a costume shop. While excellent at picking costumes for others she finds the idea of wearing one appalling. And she’s not shy about offering that opinion, often. So we meet her on the night before Halloween (Yes we meet Eve on Halloween eve it’s cute let it go) and we’re immediately sucked into her argument with the other clerks and her boss about whether or not she’ll done a costume for the big day.

I’ll admit it’s not my usual fair. I mean come on no one’s been brutally murdered. But I digress.

As the story continues we follow Eve through a journey of self realization. One we probably all could use. A journey that I’m not going to give you the details of, go get the book. It’s a really well written story, with a quick plot and great dialogue. My only complaint? (We all know I always have one) It was too short. I feel this through the looking glass, over the rainbow tale could have easily carried four issues and felt a little rushed in one. But any book this well written and this beautifully drawn should be bought. And just think it’s just in time for a Halloween read!

Halloween Eve
Written by: Brandon Montclare
Artist / Cover Artist: Amy Reeder
Publisher: Image
Format: ONE-SHOT
Price: $3.99
Release date: 10/10/12

Here are some pages!

C’mon you know you want to buy it…. Get to your local comic shop tomorrow. Make this one a blockbuster.

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