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Half Past Danger! Nazi’s! Guns! Ninjas! and a T-REX!?!


The cover of Half Past Danger caught me right away. Nazi’s, guns, ninjas, a roguish looking hero and a cool looking heroine. It definitely screamed my name. I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint.


We open in World War II with a British unit somewhere in the South Pacific. As they’re scouting the soldiers are surprised to find a German tank in their path. They investigate further and find a Nazi encampment. Something that should not be there. The commander decides to take them off their planned trail to avoid it. He wants to be sure they can survive to report back about this surprising development.

Later they appear to be lost and blundering through the jungle. Suddenly they’re attacked by a very large lizard like animal. After they kill it they discover its parent, a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Only one soldier survives the encounter. When next we see him, he’s in a bar with two Americans trying, unsuccessfully, to get him to answer questions.

I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Its definitely just a tease. We have no idea what’s going on and where it’s going to go but dinosaurs and Nazis, how can this not be awesome! The female lead is fun. Definitely the cooler head amongst the boys. She seems like she can handle herself if she needed to. I’m assuming this survivor is our male lead so it will be interesting getting to know who he is. The Nazi interest in the supernatural has always been great fodder for fiction and I’m guessing that’s where this will be leading us.

The art has an old fashioned war comic feel to it, which works for it. The story hooked me from the first few pages and has me wanting more. I’m looking forward to seeing what exactly is going on here. I highly recommend this one.

Half Past Danger #1 (of 6)
Writer: Stephen Mooney
Artist: Stephen Mooney
Cover Artist: Stephen Mooney
DAMES. DINOSAURS. DANGER. Summer, 1943, and in the midst of a war waged by monsters, Staff Sergeant Tommy ‘Irish’ Flynn never expected to encounter a real one. But on a remote island in the South Pacific, Flynn and his squad come face-to-fanged-face with creatures long thought dead.
On Sale: May 22, 2013
Publisher: IDW
Diamond Id: MAR130351
Price: $3.99
UPC: 82771400461800111

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