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Gwenda Bond Interview and Lois Lane Double Down Giveaway!


Gwenda Bond Interview and Lois Lane Double Down Giveaway!When I reviewed Lois Lane Double Down, the newest novel in Gwenda Bond’s wonderful Lois Lane series (not officially a series but come on it should be!) I had some questions. So I reached out to Switch Press and asked if Ms Bond would be able to give us a brief interview. Now if you’re unfamiliar with book promotion let me clue you in a few small realities. You travel. You get interviewed. You do signings. And you answer tons of questions.

But Gwenda took the time to answer our questions as well! Class act that lady. So with a week to go before release, Lois Lane Double Down comes out May 1st, we have an interview with author Gwenda Bond!


What’cha Reading?: Current developments in your career make it obvious that you are indeed a comic book fan. (Congratulations on the Cirque American comic!) How did you arrive at writing a Lois Lane YA series? Did you pitch the idea or was this idea brought to you?

Gwenda Bond: The concept of writing a teen version of Lois was brought to me! I know, I don’t know how I got so lucky either, so I just don’t question it. I always joke it feels like the project I’d been training for my whole life. There are very few other characters I’d be as excited to write as Lois Lane. It’s been a dream.


What’cha Reading?: I see a strong emotional similarity between young Lois in this series and Margot Kidder’s interpretation of Lois in the 1978 Superman movie. Which, if any, previous Lois’ inspired your take on the character?

Gwenda Bond: Well spotted. That was my introduction to the character, so while I hope my Lois is both her own person and reflects all the great Loises over the years, Margot Kidder is definitely in there. I often wonder whether my love of classic screwball comedy fast-talking came from that original Superman movie’s newsroom scenes or vice versa.


What’cha Reading?: You’ve stayed away from the generic “comic book” villains and situations, using technology and very human bad guys instead. Was this by your own design? Or was it something you were asked to do?

Gwenda Bond: By my own design. My only question when I was approached about the project was if I could make it my own, and the answer was yes. Warner Brothers and Capstone have been very true to their word on that. Although for Double Down I did ask for permission to use some very old school baddies from the Superman world, I did still want to put my own spin on them.


What’cha Reading?: Do you have an idea of how many Lois Lane novels you’ll be doing? Is there an arc planned or has/is each book meant as a stand alone chapter in her life?

Gwenda Bond: I don’t know, honestly. Each has been commissioned as a separate project. I do have a plan that I’d love to do for book three. I hope each stands alone, but that together they build to something greater. My favorite kinds of series are what I’d call “open-ended series” like that, more similar to a serial form like television, where you can really have room to get to see the characters grow and form deep relationships with them but still get the closure of a certain arc. So while book three isn’t a certainty yet (buy the first two, everyone!), I’ll drop everything and write it if it becomes a reality.


What’cha Reading?: Are there any plans for you to bring young Lois Lane to other forms of media? Would you be open to bringing this story to comics or television?

Gwenda Bond: I would be so open to that. I sort of feel like this is my TV series.  J


What’cha Reading?: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions. We wish you much continued success and we can’t wait for the next book!

Gwenda Bond: Thanks so much! I so appreciate it.


It was really great of Ms Bond to take the time to answer a few questions, and the book is excellent (just read my review to hear more!) Now reviews are great, interviews are better, and what better to add to an interview but a giveaway!

Lois Lane DOUBLE DOWN Giveaway!

The contest ends on May 1st the winner will be contacted as soon as possible.

Thank you Gwenda Bond, thank you Switch Press!

Don’t think you’ll win? Then head over to amazon and pre-order your copy today!

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