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GWAR Ravages Time and Space!


GWAR. I’m reviewing a comic starring GWAR? If you’ve never heard of GWAR this may not mean anything to you, so let me explain. There’s this heavy metal/punk band and they’re a little, different?

Gwar live in Toronto, Ontario, 2008 found on wikipedia/GWAR

How about some backstory? From their wikipedia page:

GWAR is an American heavy metal/hardcore punk band formed in Richmond, Virginia in 1984, composed of and operated by a frequently rotating line-up of musicians, artists and filmmakers collectively known as Slave Pit Inc. Easily identified by their distinctively grotesque costumes, Gwar’s core thematic and visual concept revolves around an elaborate science fiction-themed mythology which portrays the band members as barbaric interplanetary warriors, a narrative which serves as the basis for all of the band’s albums, videos, live shows and other media. Rife with over-the-top violent, sexual, and scatological humour typically incorporating social and political satire, Gwar have attracted both acclaim and controversy for their music and stage shows, the latter of which notoriously showcase enactments of graphic violence that result in the audience being sprayed with copious amounts of fake blood, urine, and semen. Such stagecraft regularly leads Gwar to be labeled a “shock rock” band by the media.


Seems like a perfect fit for comics right? So why has it taken 33 years to get a comic? Because it took the overly warped and infinitely creative mind of Matt Miner to get this off the ground. If you follow Matt’s work you’ve seen the gory glory that is Toe Tag Riot and you know this project was perfect for him.

But this isn’t some corporate grab of a well loved property, Matt Miner wrote this comic with backing vocalist Sawborg Destructo (aka Matt Maguire), as well as GWAR’s Bob Gorman. This is a true GWAR project.

And what a project it is. If you want your comics to have senseless violence, gore, sex, cursing, more violence, over-the-top out of control insanity, then get this book.

GWAR ORGASMAGEDDON #1 is pretty straightforward (right…) GWAR have a run in with Mr Perfect that results in them careening through time in a phallic spaceship crashing and getting involved in big moments in history. I’m not going to reveal what events the members affect except to say that while all are hysterical several may be seen as going a bit too far. But hey would you expect any less from these psychos? Matt and Matt keep the insanity turned up to 11 with gross humor, ultra violence, and absurd situations.

Sawyer and Maguire’s art is spot on. The character designs are totally recognizable for GWAR fans and even I (with very little prior knowledge of the band) had no problem following the characters through the timeslips. In fact if the characters themselves hadn’t broken the fourth wall to let me know the art was different I probably wouldn’t have mentioned it, it’s germane to the story and it works great. That praise is also due to the awesome colorists Marissa Louise and Doug Garbark. Taylor Esposito’s letters (and design work) is a pleasure as usual as well.

The two back up stories are definitely a different style but suitably sick twisted and hilarious as well. Bob Gorman handles story and art, with colors by Hank Jones on X-COPS/ZIPPER PIG and GWAR’s SLAVE GIRL FOLLIES “PISSING MATCH” is written by Matt Miner with art duties undertaken by Scott Wygmans with John Bailey on colors and Taylor returning for letters.

So what have we got? An insane, balls to the wall, gross, totally irreverent trip through time and space starring a dozen or so alien rock stars bent on wreaking havoc. It’s written and drawn by a bunch of talented people and definitely earns the “Explicit Comics” parental advisory it proudly displays on the cover. What more could you want from a GWAR comic????

Check out the cover gallery below, and stay tuned for some preview pages next week!

Writer: Matt Maguire, Matt Miner
Art: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
Genre: Horror, Rock ‘n’ Roll
Publication Date: June 2017
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 Pages
Price: $3.99

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