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Gund Gets Super Heroic At Toy Fair 2016!


Gund is known for their cute cuddly wonderful little creatures. We profiled their new Star Trek collection, which looks adorable. But that’s not the only license they’re bringing to stores this year. TNMT is going Gund! Wait stuffed Turtles? Well not exactly. Teenage Mutant Ninja… Bears?

Gund Gets Super Heroic At Toy Fair 2016! GundTMNT (4) GundTMNT (1) GundTMNT (3)

Now I know you’re thinking, but they’re supposed to be turtles! Maybe, but these little guys are really cute. Find the new TMNT Character Plush at your local store later this year (2016) or online for $21.99

GundSuperWilliamsThemeGund has a line of DC characters that gets deeper by the year. Check out the roster, Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash. So many great characters, and several have multiple designs, Superman for instance has a brown bear, a polar bear, and a little teeny Superman/Supergirl bear that plays the John Williams Superman theme for $14.99. Not 8 bit midi, an actual mp3. It sounds amazing!

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The DC Message T-Shirt Plush (pictured above) will be available later this year (2016) for $16.99. The DC Character Plush are available now for $21.99. A cool design element that caught my eye was Wonder Woman Bunny’s tiara holding her ears and the wonderful infant activity blankets ($19.99)…

SuperInfantToysGund WWinfanttoyGund

And then there’s the collection my kids are going to make me buy all of…


Yes backback clips. They list at $9.99. Every school age child has some fixation with key rings and clips. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing these all around my kids’ school.

Want more info on Gund, the DC line, or their other great stuff check out their website

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