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Guest Post – Tim Sarrantonio – Reading With Pictures


We here at What’cha Reading have been fans of this project since the kickstarter kicked off in April 2012. The idea that comics could one day be not only an acceptable medium but actually used and lauded for their amazing ability to utilize the best facets of the movies, television shows, books, and picture-book formats. Comics as a teaching tool? Yes Please. Take a minute to check out what Tim has to say about where this project has been and where we all hope it goes. Then click on some of the links he’s provided and get involved!

Well that’s more than enough from me, here’s Tim Sarrantonio…

Imagine a world where people of all ages use comics to learn. Not only kids but adults use graphic novels, single issues, and four panels to learn how to be readers and better people.placeholder-slide

That’s the world that Reading With Pictures imagines. Our mission is to bring comic books into the classroom, yet what is a classroom? We feel its beyond the four walls that is typically defined as a learning space but any environment that folks can educate themselves and each other.

Our organization has been working for years to make this world a reality. This doesn’t have to be an alternate dimension where comics are the norm – it can be our own reality!


Reading With Pictures provides a ton of resources for free to bring this vision into an applicable reality.  First and foremost, we’ve achieved one of the most successful Kickstarters for comics ever done by funding The Graphic Textbook. This means we’ll be creating an original compendium of material designed to meet Common Core standards and empowering educators to teach using comic books.

We’ve also launched the most comprehensive database of free resources for educators to use comics in the classroom (and we mean anywhere learning is happening!) in the world.  Do you need a Maus reader’s guide? Or perhaps a research article proving that graphic novels work in the classroom? We’ve got it. And you can download it for free.

Reading With Pictures is also extremely interested in your own work, so sign up for a feature-logofree account and upload your own resources that you’ve found to work. We’ll make sure its included in our free and searchable database. And we’d love to showcase your own experiences, like What’cha Reading contributor Rosemary Kiladitis.

We also just held Comics Out Loud! on April 24 that had over 300 people sign up to pledge to put comics into the classroom. Yet we know that there are thousands of you out there, using the beauty of comics to showcase how anyone, of any age, can learn.

If you’re interested in learning more, email us at

Tim Sarrantonio is part of Reading With Pictures, a 501c3 nonprofit that is dedicated to bringing comics into the classroom. He serves as the administrator of the database that assists educators in obtaining free resources to empower their own work of comic book literacy.

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