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Groo vs. Conan #1 – The Time Has Come.


Groo the Wanderer. Conan the Barbarian, Cimmerian, King. Two worlds collide as the two warriors (stop laughing) meet for a once in a lifetime matchup. I first wrote about this matchup a couple of weeks ago, when Dark Horse sent around a preview. Well, the time has come – Groo vs. Conan #1 hits shelves this comic book Wednesday. Rejoice and be glad!

The story starts off with Conan rescuing a damsel in distress. As he does. While he spirits her away from her captor, he passes an odd-looking  group of townsfolk who fawn over Conan. What a champion!

Cut to modern day. Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragones are walking together and brainstorming an idea for a crossover. Mark thinks Conan vs. Groo is a great idea; Sergio isn’t so sure. As they happen upon their local comic store, they discover that it’s under siege from a real estate developer, who wants to put the store out of business to create a strip mall. One protest broken up by a slightly ambitious police force later, Sergio is in the hospital, being drugged right and left. And thus begins his fever dream…

This issue is packed. There are two emerging storylines, as you can guess – the Groo/Conan story, and the Mark/Sergio story. Both promise a lot of laughs in the next few issues of this 4-issue run. Written by Aragones and Evanier, the writers aren’t afraid to make themselves the butt (quite literally) of a few jokes. They manage to keep Conan and Groo in their own worlds, even as they speed toward a confrontation. Groo is as clueless as ever, and Conan likes his sword, his ale, and his women.

I love what Aragones and Conan artist Thomas Yeates have done with the art in this issue. Each character retains his own artwork, so Groo’s world collides with Conan’s in more ways than one – a fact noted even by one of the townsfolk in the issue. I love little fourth wall moments like that, and this issue has a few of them. The stories are just fun – remember when comics were fun?

I can’t wait for more. Get this one on your pull list. It’s going to be awesome. Five out of five scimitars.

Writers: Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier
Artists: Sergio Aragones and Thomas Yeates
Publisher: Dark Horse
On-Sale: July 23, 2014
Price: $3.99
Diamond ID: FEB120046

Here’s the Dark Horse preview one more time. Enjoy the sneak peek at Groo vs. Conan!

conan groo


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