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Gronk A Monsters Story Vol. 2 Wednesday May 13th!


Days ago we announced the adorable plush Gronk coming to stores soon but why wait for the toy, buy volume two of Katie’s all ages cute-fest this Wednesday!

Gronk A Monsters Story Vol. 2 Wednesday May 13th!
Gronk is adorable, there’s no denying that. I’m a dad and so many of the situations Dale finds herself in with Gronk are everyday parenting fun. From ipad cat videos for 18 hours to walls full of art Gronk and Dale share a wonderful loving relationship that is funny and warm and worth your time. Check out the preview…

Gronk_V2_Sample-5 Gronk_V2_Sample-7

Gronk_V2_Sample-8 Gronk_V2_Sample-9

Gronk_V2_Sample-10 Gronk_V2_Sample-11


Writer(s):  Katie Cook 
Artist Name(s):  Katie Cook
Cover Artist(s): Katie Cook 
Colorist: Kevin Minor

 The second collection of Katie Cook’s popular webcomic! Gronk is a monster who is learning to adjust to OUR world through the teachings of Dale, a woman who probably shouldn’t be teaching anyone how to adjust to the real world. Join Gronk, Dale, Harli and Kitty for another year of fun!

64 pgs./All ages/FC/$9.99 


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