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Grimm Tales of Terror #5 – Review


GToT5cvrSince I’ve been reviewing Zenescope’s titles, they’ve always been adventure and re-imaginations of various fairy tale characters.  I thought Grimm Tales of Terror would be along the same lines but it wasn’t.  It was very different.  It is the story of a group of troublesome teenagers who are looking for their next crime to occupy themselves so they decide to rob a video store and take a tape despite the objections of the owner.  They watch the video and soon realize they should have listened to him.

Grimm Tales of Terror reminds me of something I would find in one of those scary stories books or a on TV program during Halloween.  As I was reading it the hair on my arms was standing which shows how talented Pat Shand is as a writer.  This is the first comic book I’ve ever read that creeped me out the way this one did.  It is easy to hate the group because they pick on people and commit crimes but as I kept reading I cringed at what happens to them.  Marc Rosete’s artwork added to the hair-raising experience with its gruesome detail combined with the colors of Marco Lesko and Valentina Cuomo.  The cover art alone taps into that struggle between fear and curiosity.  It looks scary but you can’t help but want to know more.

GToT5-01 GToT5-02 GToT5-03

GToT5-04I am a fan of everything Zenescope and thought I knew what to expect from them but this issue blew me away.  It was scary, gripping and engaging.  I did not want to stop reading it.  The way the ending was written was a great touch and the preview picture for the next issue is frightening.  If you want a good scare while you’re home alone or something to read on Halloween, this is the title for you.

Grimm Tales of Terror #5
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Marc Rosete
Colors by Marco Lesko (pp. 1-11) & Valentina Cuomo (pp. 12-22)
25 pages

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