Grimm Fairy Tales: Steam Punk Part 2

Grimm Fairy Tales: Steampunk Part 2


GTF-SP-02cvrZenescope Entertainment’s Grimm Fairy Tales series has given us a wide assortment of fantastic characters with intertwining storylines and universes.  This week, these characters came together for the epic conclusion of Grimm Fairy Tales Steampunk.  In the premiere issue, Robyn Hood, Cinderella and Alice steal a ship from Nathan Cross to sell its load of aether on the black market and make money.  After escaping Cross, they make their way to Snow White’s lair but Cross manages to catch up with them.  The situation gets worse as each side has unfinished business with the others while one side determines who is the traitor in their ranks.

Steampunk was such a great read!  They set the opening scene in the Old West and the action in Snow White’s lair played out like the Wild West.  Pat Shand has proven time and again he knows how to write a compelling, action-packed story.  The character lineup alone is epic: Robyn Hood, Cinderella, Alice, Snow White, Nathan Cross, Shang, Van Helsing and Red Agent.  We even saw Dorothy appear in this issue!  The artwork by Annapaola Martello and Daniele Cosentino along with the colors by Robby Bevard were perfect.  Mike Krome and Ula Mos did an excellent job with the Nathan Cross cover.

Steampunk is yet another example of the fine wok Zenescope does on their various titles.  They have such a talented team of writers, artists, etc. who know how to develop a story and give the readers what they want in a comic book.  If you were to ask me which title and/or character was my favorite, I could not give you an answer because it’s so hard to pick just one.  These are not your father’s fairy tale characters!

GTF-SP-02-01 GTF-SP-02-02 GTF-SP-02-03

Grimm Fairy Tales – Steampunk #2
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Annapaola Martello & Daniele Cosentino (Layout Assistant & Backup Artist)
Colors by Robby Bevard
Cover Art by Mike Krome & Ula Mos
25 pages

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